Water has to be bought even for funerals in Bihar, if this condition continues, we will crave water after 30 years


Compared to last year in Bihar, the ground water level of 24 districts has gone down significantly this summer. Whereas, the situation has slightly improved in Buxar, Saran, Gopalganj and Saharsa. According to the report of PHED, the situation of ground water level in 19 panchayats is serious. These panchayats belong to Kaimur, Jehanabad, Bhagalpur, Munger, Rohtas, Nalanda and Nawada districts. Due to this, the supervision of the officials has been increased in these areas, so that in case of any problem, water can be made available to the people. From this year itself, tanker water is being supplied at 86 places in nine districts of the state. Experts say that due to the rapid exploitation of ground water itself, the situation may become so dire in the coming two-three decades that it is difficult to predict.

Water went down 70 feet in Sakri Panchayat of Islampur

The water level in Sakri Panchayat of Islampur block has gone below 70 feet. More than one hundred chapakals of this panchayat have failed. The people of Makhdoompar Pine village with a population of 30 houses are fetching water from another panchayat. Due to drawing of water through summersable boring done for farming, the condition of groundwater level is continuously deteriorating. At present, water is available below 40 feet in 100 panchayats of the district.

Had to buy water for last rites

Many rivers that originated from the hills of Shivalik, which green 60 percent of Champaran and strengthen the farmers economically, have dried up by the time of May. This is the first time in the last 100 years that these rivers, which used to flow every day for twelve months, dried up in May. Today the sands of destruction are flying in these rivers. There are dozens of mountain rivers including Harboda, Pandai, Maniyari, Balor, Kartaha and Oriya. There has been a belief about these rivers that they never dry up. Funeral rites were performed on the banks of rivers. People used to get shaved with the water of the rivers. Now we have to bring water from handpump or we have to buy jar water. Not only here, the dead bodies which were being burnt on the banks of the river, are now being burnt in the middle of the river.

Perennial rivers are becoming seasonal rivers

Dr. Aparna Jha, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, TP Verma College, told that rivers and wells are drying up due to increasing population, increase in global warming amidst the scorching heat. Due to indiscriminate felling of trees, perennial rivers are becoming seasonal rivers.

Increasing population, increasing dependence on groundwater created water crisis

Professor Atul Aditya Pandey, Chairman of the Department of Geology, Patna University, told that definitely the ground water crisis is increasing. The growing dependence on ground water in agriculture has further deepened the ground water crisis. Ground water is being exploited even in all the big projects of development. If the ground water improvement schemes are not implemented effectively in the coming time, then the situation may get worse in the coming two-three decades. It is also difficult to guess. People and the government should take effective initiative to control groundwater exploitation. Increase the utility of surface water by stopping it.

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Water went down eight feet in Nawada and two feet in Patna

Nawada 8”1″

Jamui 7”4″

Arval 6”

Nalanda 6”7″

Bhagalpur 5”7″

Aurangabad 5”6″

Sheikhpura 5”4″

Gaya 5”3″

Madhubani 5″

Muzaffarpur 4”1″

Samastipur 3”8″

Munger 3”6″

Vaishali 2”10″

Begusarai 2”5″

Patna 2”4″

Bhojpur 2”2″

Rohtas 2”

Kaimur 2”

dandy 1”10″

Lakhisarai 1”10″

Jehanabad 1”10″

Darbhanga 1”

seam 1”

Sitamarhi 2″

Note: Compared to 2022, according to the report of PHED, the figures of decrease in water level till 30 April this year. drop in water level in feet inches

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