Weekly Horoscope (21 to 27 May 2023): How will be the new week for the people of Aries to Pisces? know your fortune



Good news can be received soon. There will be success in deals in business. Stopped money will be received. Wishes will be fulfilled. Honour-respect-fame, prestige will increase. If you are already married, then this week sweetness will increase in mutual relations. And it will be easier than before to understand each other.

Lucky days – Sunday, Thursday

Lucky Colours- Red, Yellow

Auspicious date- 21, 25


New deals in business can go out of hand due to your carelessness. Due to which you may be harmed. Time is not good for romance in personal life. You can improve relations by sacrificing your ego. Some people may start a new love affair. Unmarried are likely to get married.

Happy day – Monday

Wednesday, auspicious color – milky, green

Auspicious date- 22, 24


Will set new goals regarding career and service and will also try to fulfill those goals. There will be success in the efforts to get money. The youth will get new employment opportunities. This week is not a good time to start a new love affair. If you are unmarried then you will get a proposal to get married. The health of a family member can be a matter of concern. The arrival of a new member in the family will create an atmosphere of happiness.

Lucky days – Tuesday, Friday

Lucky Colours- Vermilion, White

Auspicious date- 21, 26

Cancer zodiac sign

There is a strong possibility of sudden money gain. The economic condition will be strong. The creative talent and ability of the youth will come to the fore. There is a possibility of transfer-promotion of government employees. You are newly married, this week will be full of fun for you. Some people may start a new love affair. Possibility of marriage of unmarried youth. Good news will be received from the child side. Auspicious work will be completed.

Lucky days – Monday, Thursday

Lucky colors – sky blue, yellow

Auspicious date- 22, 25

Leo sun sign

The time of the youth associated with the field of communication and media will be particularly progressive. You will get success in examination-competition. The desired work will be successful. Ambition will be fulfilled. There is a strong possibility of some people starting a new love affair. There will be a coincidence of unmarried getting married. Work will be done with the cooperation of relatives and families. And happiness will increase. The family will participate in any marriage function.

Lucky days – Tuesday, Saturday

Lucky Colours- Maroon, Blue

Auspicious date- 23, 27

Virgo sun sign

People will appreciate your work method in the service. Will get the support of the boss. With the help of an influential person, you will get a solution to an old problem. Your personality will prove to be better in personal life. Harmony and love relations will intensify in the mutual relationship of the newlyweds. Circumstances in family life will gradually improve.

Lucky days – Wednesday, Friday

Lucky color – parrot color, milky

Auspicious date- 24,26


Time is mixed fruitful for career. There will be success in efforts for financial gain. Plans will be made regarding future and career. Will enjoy marital happiness. Some people will start new love affairs. Chances of marriage of unmarried people. There is a fear of theft of some valuable thing from the house. The mind will remain restless due to family discord.

Lucky Days – Monday, Friday

Lucky Colours- Silver, Milky

Auspicious date- 22, 26


Will get the support of the boss in the job. Business trip will prove beneficial. Youth associated with engineering, management and administrative sector will get success. There will be a coincidence to get married. New love affair will start for some people. Everyone in the family will be happy with you. Auspicious auspicious work will be completed in the family.

Lucky days – Tuesday, Saturday

Lucky Colours- Red, Black

Auspicious date- 23, 27


This week you will get some good news in the field of career and you will have the desire to do something new and you will also try for it. In which you will definitely get success. Will spend quality time with your partner. If you are unmarried then you can get marriage proposal. Material prosperity will increase. Your popularity will increase.

Lucky days – Wednesday, Saturday

Lucky Colours- Green, Blue

Auspicious date- 24, 27


Promotion can be found in the job. Time has become favorable for the students. Important news will be received. Unemployed will get employment opportunity. Hotel, restaurant businessmen will benefit. Love affair is going on and if you are willing to get married then time will be with you. The decisions taken last week for the children will prove to be very beneficial at this time. Happiness of home-land-vehicle. Good news will be received.

Lucky days – Monday, Saturday

Lucky Colours- White, Blue

Auspicious date- 22, 27


Can get a new job offer. Control your speech and anger. Some people will get an opportunity to go abroad. Time is good for the newlyweds. Sweetness will increase in mutual relations. There will be a chance of marriage for the unmarried. Health of a family member can become a matter of concern. There will be financial trouble.

Lucky days – Sunday, Tuesday

Lucky Colours- Grey, Pink

Auspicious date- 21, 23


You can get good news regarding employment through competitive exams. Students of higher education will give good performance in examination-competition. Wishes will be fulfilled. Time is favorable for a new love affair. There will be innovative happiness in married life. Will get new clothes and jewellery. There is a possibility of arrival of a new member in the family. Family will participate in any marriage and auspicious function.

Lucky days – Monday, Thursday

Lucky Colours- Pink, Yellow

Auspicious date- 22, 25

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