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West Bengal and NE India should learn from Bangladesh


West Bengal and NE India should learn from Bangladesh

Mustafa Ali Noor

While unemployment is growing at an alarming level which is admixed with serious decline in foreign investment, policymakers and politicians in India are increasingly getting indulged into the wrong practice of fooling people with a caricature of filthy politics. Front-ranking leaders of radical Hinduist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are keeping themselves busy in spreading hatred against non-Hindus, particularly Christians and Muslims, and even are demanding conversion of those non-Hindus into Hindu religion as the primary requirement of letting them live in India. Such thuggish propaganda is definitely tarnishing India’s image as a secular nation.

Ever since Narendra Modi’s BJP came into power in 2014, the country has been gradually turning into an epicenter of religious extremism, while some analysts already are comparing BJP with Jamaat-e-Islami and some of the leaders of this party as well as its political comrades as “Hindu version of Bin Laden”. While Bin Laden and those radical Islamist jihadists are preaching jihad and elimination of non-Muslims, these Hindu radicals are copying the same rogue policy.


With such extreme political mess in India, it’s neighboring nation Bangladesh has been prospering fast as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Bangladesh’s annual growth of GDP has already surprised many of the economic pundits, while it is well expected that the country will reach the level of a developed nation by the year 2045.

According to economic experts, Bangladesh is already witnessing speedy growth in foreign investment while the government of Sheikh Hasina is dedicatedly working in infrastructural development and connectivity. The government also is putting special emphasis on the empowerment of women, while Sheikh Hasina has already emerged as an iconic statesman to the international community.

Indian economists are also suggesting West Bengal and northeastern states follow the example of the economic boom in Bangladesh for the sake of addressing its growing economic crisis and unemployment. Some of them even are talking about West Bengal and NE state’s enhanced cooperation with Bangladesh. But possibly, it won’t be easy as West Bengal or those northeastern states are not able to cooperate with Bangladesh on their own without being nodded by the policymakers in New Delhi. But of course, Bangladesh’s speedy progress in socio-economic fields already are generating frustration and anger within the people in West Bengal and the northeastern states.

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