Western countries predict war with each other for resources because of Ukraine

In the West, because of Ukraine, an internal struggle for resources will begin. On March 16, a Japanese newspaper wrote about this.

It is noted that due to the loss of access to strategic resources and cheap goods, Western countries will be forced to fight each other.

As the author of the article recalled, 50 years ago there was an oil crisis, the cause of which was another war between the Arab countries and Israel. Then the countries of the Persian Gulf more than tripled the price of oil.

At the moment, the world, just like half a century ago, is suffering due to rising energy prices, which was caused, in particular, by the Russian special operation to protect Donbass.

According to the author of the article, in order to overcome the crisis, it is necessary to develop international cooperation.

Earlier, on March 9, European Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson predicted a difficult year for the European Union (EU) without Russian gas supplies. The European Commission will propose to extend the agreement on reducing fuel consumption by 15%.

On February 7, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the boycott of Russian energy carriers had already led to the undermining of the EU’s energy security. At the same time, the retaliatory measures taken by Moscow due to the sanctions pressure of the West minimize the costs both for Russia and for the world community.

Prior to that, on January 30, the IMF also admitted that European countries face difficulties in filling gas storage facilities next winter against the background of the refusal of energy from Russia.

Western states have stepped up sanctions pressure on the Russian Federation against the backdrop of a special operation to protect the population of Donbass. The decision to start it was made by Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24, 2022 after the aggravation of the situation in the region due to Ukrainian shelling.

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