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A samovar is not just a means of boiling water, but an occasion to get together with the whole family, chat and celebrate Maslenitsa. Therefore, the appearance of the samovar is very important, its design should fit the interior. As a rule, electric samovars are bought for an apartment, and fire samovars are bought for a summer house or a house. A samovar can be a wonderful gift for Maslenitsa. The public news service found out what samovars are and which one is better to choose.

Types of samovars

Electric samovar

We choose the volume based on the number of people in the family. The most popular devices are from 3 to 7 liters. The form can be any. From polished brass, it is better to choose a smooth body, as it will be easier to care for it. Nickel-plated and painted samovars with a decorative coating do not require additional care. Run your hand over the painted model, there should be no traces of dye on your hands. The best varnish that gives a good gloss and keeps the surface unchanged for many years is acrylic. It is important to check the water heater inside the appliance. It should be snow-white without spots, covered with a layer of food tin. The bolts that attach the fittings to the lid must be stainless steel. Fittings are best chosen from oak or beech. The handles of the samovar should not hang out. Choose a samovar under warranty. The set must include a passport with a stamp of the date of sale, the release of the product, the name of the product.

Flame/wood burning samovar

The samovar must be stable and not wobble. Choose the walls of the apparatus from a thick layer of metal, otherwise it will quickly burn out. Nickel-plated samovars are durable and unpretentious in care. The disadvantage is the high price. Brass devices can be purchased at a lower price, they retain heat for a long time, but quickly rust. Copper models do not rust, they are beautiful, but because of the soft metal they are not durable. There should be no defects on the surface of the samovar: dents, cracks, scratches. Pay special attention to the faucet: if it opens easily without creaking, does not flow, the spout does not stagger, then this is a good option. The handles should not hang out, but be tightly soldered to the sides of the samovar – this is a guarantee of safety during operation. A high-quality reliable samovar comes with accessories: a teapot, a tray or cups.

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