What is Pitra Dosh and why does it happen?


There is variation in the circumstances of each family. Knowingly or unknowingly some sad incidents happen to the society by our ancestors or simply say that people curse them with their angry words. This curse continues from generation to generation until it is resolved. Accidents have also been included in Pitrudosh. This can be possible from both maternal and paternal side. Probably the family remains full of gentleness and simplicity. But due to defects, some or the other obstacle comes in every work. Everyone has to bear the mistakes made by the elders.

Not respecting your father, not obeying him, not taking proper care of him in his old age, craving him, leaving him in old age home, taking his bad wishes is considered as Pitra Dosh. Father’s blessings protect us, give us success. While their bad wishes will make us feel sorrow and non-attainment in future. Therefore, it is better to treat them with love while alive than to show off in rituals and funerals after death.

If the Sun is afflicted in the horoscope, it means that the person is suffering from Pitra Dosha. Pitridosh remains in one’s horoscope for three births. What is the effect of Pitra Dosh? It has been explained in detail in Markandeya Purana about Pitrudosh that the progress and progress of the life of the human couple, male and female, gets stopped in all respects. This is my personal experience. I myself am affected by Pitrudosh. The specialty of Pitrudosh is that on whom it gets affected, the family line stops. There is no question of the formation of a marriage relationship, that is, there is no attainment of a good son or a bad son and a bad wife. The attainment of son and wife is also possible only by the grace of the father. If the father gets angry, then the child has to see the grief. In life, the kingship, happiness, employment, food arrangement for the family, farming, animal wealth are all achieved by the influence of the ancestors, by the grace of the ancestors. As the one who is blessed by the ancestors, his happiness and prosperity depends on the blessings of the ancestors.

If there is the grace of the ancestors, then impossible work can also be possible. Due to the grace of ancestors, a strong enemy cannot control a weak person. An acquaintance was surrounded by enemies, only then the ancestors protected him in the form of a snake, a bull, a dog. In normal life, the forefathers saved them by giving omens in the form of a crow, a cock, a dog. The position of Indra is attained only by the effect of worshiping the ancestors. If the father becomes angry in the young age, then one has to remain a virgin for life. If Pitridosh is applied after marriage, then the child has to bear the grief. At first there is no child and if one is born then it dies. Infancy before the age of 15 years, children in childhood are completely under the control of fathers and elders. The living ancestors are called parents, grandparents, tau-tai, uncle-aunt, maternal uncle, paternal grandmother and their ancestors before them who have died but have not yet received a second birth and body.

Rape, coitus on prohibited date, due to enmity of previous birth and feticide are guaranteed to result in Pitridosh. This is my personal experience, the women who do most of the abortions, who despise the coming child, those women who kill their children, neither can become the lover of their husband nor can they fulfill their dream of becoming the mother of the best child. . People who steal get Pitrudosh. The one who steals mother’s money, sister’s, daughter’s money, even after asking to give money to them, if money is not given, it becomes Pitrudosh. Pitra dosh means people of the ancestor category like mother, father, guru, uncle, tau, maternal uncle, uncle, warts etc. Pitrudosh means that on getting angry or misbehaving with the ancestors, mother, father, teacher, their son, daughter, disciple gets the curse of the father. That’s where we make progress with blessings.

When there is Pitra Dosh, then life remains unsatisfied. Once someone had raised his hand on his teacher, then his teacher had cried angrily and said: Children, now as much as I curse you, you will not be able to study further and the same thing happened. The people of my acquaintance could not pass the ninth class even after being prosperous and the guru avoids cursing the people. My friend’s uncle had cursed his uncle. As a result of fraudulently grabbing 40 bighas of land, his uncle is still living a humiliated life. Even after donating 40 bighas of land, he is not respected in the family. Poverty, poverty, lack of resources start coming in the family due to Pitra Dosh. He should make his thinking and behavior right. The forefathers destroy the abilities of human beings, due to which they become impotent (childless) when they are male or female. Sperm is not capable of fertilization in men, other reproductive disorders arise in women. If not protected by the ancestors, the child does not get established in the womb, if it gets established then it does not survive before delivery or after delivery.

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