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What may Biden-Harris do about the US embassy in Jerusalem

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What may Biden-Harris do about the US embassy in Jerusalem

During the US presidential election in 2016, Barack Hussein Obama said, it was “too dangerous” to recognize Jerusalem as the eternal Jewish capital. But Democratic presidential runner Joe Biden said he will find a “Middle East quite different from the one at the end of the Obama administration”. Everyone is questioning about the possible policy of Joe Biden on the US embassy in Jerusalem.

The Los Angeles Times said: “Nuclear threats may once again be on the horizon in Iran. Militant groups are on the ascendance in Lebanon and Yemen. And Israelis and Palestinians stand further away from settling their conflict than they have in a long time.

Biden says his first task will be repairing much of what he and his supporters consider to be the damage done by President Trump, who demolished long-standing norms and decades of U.S. policy regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Joe Biden will benefit just by not being President Trump,” Biden’s top foreign policy advisor Tony Blinken said in a recent interview. “That is the opening opportunity.”

More difficult will be deciding whether to reverse some of Trump’s controversial actions and, if so, which ones.”

Controversial actions? Yes, LA Times hinted about shifting of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. In this case, although Biden promised of keeping not shifting the US embassy from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, Biden’s advisors told the Los Angeles Times that it is likely that he would reopen a US Consulate in East Jerusalem that would cater to Palestinians and allow a Palestinian de facto embassy in Washington.

But in reality, if Joe Biden wins the November 3 election, he and his “running-mate” Kamala Harris will shift the US embassy from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv while they also will allow the re-opening of Palestinian Authority offices in the US. They even are going to re-engage into Nuclear Deal with the notorious Iranian regime, and shall do everything within their capacities in strengthening radical Islam as well as the anti-Semite and anti-Israel forces in the Middle East particular as well as in the entire world.

While the Saudi authorities are all set to establish relations with Israel once President Donald Trump is re-elected, Biden-Kamala will definitely suggest their counterparts not only to refrain from doing so, but they even will privately request the Kingdom to suspend allowing Israeli airlines to use Saudi air-route. In brief, Biden-Kamala’s winning will cause a total upside-down in Donald Trump’s Middle East policy, and it certainly will be a moment of triumph for the rogue Iranian mullahs, Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood and the preachers and appeasers of radical Islam.

Political analysts are already saying, the top priority of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be regaining the trust of the Palestinians, which will be clearly disappointing to the Jewish people as well as pro-Israel individuals around the world.

Commenting on Joe Biden’s actions once he is elected, Jeremy Ben-Ami, the president of controversial and anti-Zionist J-Street advocacy group in Washington, who also is one of the key advisors to the Biden and Kamala campaigns said, “There will be a very important statement about the intention to pursue a two-state solution.”

He further said, “Those signals will be sent early.”

Joe Biden already has expressed his firm determination of reviving US financial aid to support Palestinians [including mega-terror outfit Hamas], which was cut off by President Donald Trump as punishment for their lack of cooperation and inclination towards terrorism.

Although it is anticipated that Joe Biden’s hands, if elected with be partly tied by the Congress. The 2018 Taylor Force Act prohibits US aid from going to some Palestinian entities as long as the Palestinian Authority gives stipends to families of Palestinians killed in attacks on Israelis.

Joe Biden advisors are also hinting that his Middle East policies will be “very tough” on the Israeli authorities and his administration would “strongly oppose” to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “annexation plan”.

In brief, if Biden-Kamala enters the White House by winning in November 3rd election, it will be a huge victory for the rogue mullahs of Iran as well as anti-Semite forces in the Middle East, while it will once again resume Barack Obama’s bankrupt foreign policies.

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