What not to do on a holiday

February 16, 2023, 21:35 – BLiTZ – News Shrovetide is a traditional Russian holiday celebrated at the end of February. Previously, we have already talked about the rites on Shrovetide week. The BLiTZ learned about what not to do on Maslenitsa 2023.

In 2023, Pancake Week starts on February 20th and ends on February 26th. During this period, there are prohibitions that have been observed since ancient times. This is especially true for people preparing for Great Lent.

What not to do on Maslenitsa

Maslenitsa was called Cheese Week because it was possible to eat dairy products. Meat dishes were banned. Pancakes with fish were not forbidden. Swearing at Maslenitsa was forbidden. Set aside this time for emotions with which you need to meet the beginning of Lent. On a holiday, you can’t get angry, quarrel, be offended and offend each other. During the Maslenitsa week, one should not be in an untidy house. According to tradition, relatives and relatives go to visit each other, so the house must be kept clean. Clean up properly so that later in the first week of Great Lent you can devote more time to prayers, good deeds, and church attendance. You can’t be lazy on Maslenitsa. You even need to work: cook delicious pancakes, clean the house, heat the stove and have time to do many other pleasant chores. In no case should you ignore Forgiveness Sunday, which in 2023 falls on February 26th. Ask for forgiveness from everyone who inadvertently could somehow hurt and offend. Try to forgive those who offended you.

It is believed that observing all these prohibitions, one can enter Great Lent with a pure soul, which means that God can forgive sins for people who sincerely repent of their mistakes.

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