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February 13, 2023, 17:23 – BLiTZ – News The labor market reacts quickly to changes in the situation in the country. We have to not only save money, occupy new niches, but also completely change the principle of work. The head of the TASHIKA Group recruitment agency, Tashika Yurchenko, spoke about the most striking trends in 2023 in this area.

The analyst identified two main trends in 2023: the demand for highly specialized specialists has resumed, and the job market for management in commercial areas is now regulated by the candidate, not the employer.

You can’t lure into the office

In recent years, more and more specialists began to work remotely. New business processes have also led to a managerial layer of candidates – after all, someone needs to manage people online and in a hybrid format.

“Most of the top candidates are not in a hurry to immediately go to the “office” hiring. Now they are ready to choose between office, hybrid management and online work,” Tashika Yurchenko explained.

Candidates today are not embarrassed by the lack of a beautiful and expensive office in the city center. These same “liberated” managers simultaneously form their own small and medium-sized businesses, since they have relative savings to start their own business.

“The activity of the managerial level in this direction is clearly visible to us during the interviews. For example, one of the two candidates, instead of a hired job with a salary of 500,000+ rubles, decided to open his own clothing stores and develop ecommerce. Previously, he worked as a COO in sales, developing sales and increasing profits was his main function. But now it is profitable for him to work for himself, since he is good at increasing turnover through operational management. And now you don’t even have to go to the office, you can negotiate and work with data remotely from anywhere in the world,” the specialist said.

She gives the example of another candidate who also turned down a marketing director position at a large consulting company and opened his own online marketing agency.

“It is more difficult for an employer to attract such candidates to the office, they have to adapt to the hybrid format of cooperation, weaken the age limit and go for career mobility, for the same reasons the labor market will become more inclusive. All this means that in 2023, mainly in commercial areas, the labor market is already regulated and will be regulated by the candidate, not the employer, ”concludes the head of the recruitment agency.

Demand for “narrow” specialists

Some foreign companies were forced to leave Russia and their niches are occupied by Russian entrepreneurs. It motivates to study, look for an alternative and develop professional skills in new areas.

“Soft skills are no longer enough for the development of a business / sphere, professional skills are required. At least even in the ecommerce niche. You need to be well versed in metrics management, marketing, promotion processes and other solid skills. In 2022, a large number of online schools appeared that launched highly professional specialists on the market, available in the literal and figurative sense, both in online cooperation and at a cost. Price competition arose due to the flow of newly minted narrow-profile specialists that flooded the market,” said Tashiko Yurchenko.

The requirements for recruiters have also changed. If earlier they used standard search methods, now they have to work as an IT recruiter, be able to use search tools, since they have to look for candidates even in social networks, without a resume.

The most demanded specialties:

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● Ecommerce. Any niche from food to clothing

● CustDev. In-depth interviews and testing of ideas or a prototype product on a potential audience to understand how much the product will be in demand

● Recruiting. And not just recruitment, but an integrated approach, taking into account the complex search and selection of candidates, as in hunting – the executive search system.

● IT. Invariably, everywhere and always, such specialists are required and the trend is growing more and more actively.

● Money marketers. Those who help develop a strategy for how to make money, including on a personal brand.

● Online health consultant. Doctors with higher education are already actively developing this niche, especially in preventive and integrative medicine.

● Financial online consultants. Chief accountants and financial directors go online, create online financial literacy courses

● Doctors of integrative, personalized, preventive and anti-aging medicine. Including small offline clinics for express recovery through droppers, etc.

● Everything related to the operational efficiency of the business in all areas of the business

● Lawyers, online consultants for individuals and legal entities

The “online” trend of 2022 is only strengthening this year, but the scale and speed of development of these niches is reaching the cosmic orbit. There is likely to be a major leap in the quality of these products and services, as the consumer has already learned to distinguish information gypsies from professionals, the analyst concluded.

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