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February 15, 2023, 08:00 – BLiTZ – News Over the past two weeks, the US Air Force shot down four aircraft. And if the first of them was identified as a Chinese spy balloon, then the origin of the remaining three UFOs is not yet known. Of particular interest was the last, octagonal object shot down over Lake Huron. What could it be and why these devices caused such a stir in the United States, said military specialist Yuri Knutov.

The octagonal aircraft was shot down by the US Air Force on February 12 over Lake Huron. According to Reuters, citing the military, the strange-shaped object “with hanging threads” did not have any cameras. And if, regarding the first downed device, the PRC stated that it was a weather balloon carried towards the United States, then China did not recognize the other three units.

Regarding the octagonal UFO, experts have not yet come to a consensus: what kind of unit is it and what are its functions.

“It’s just that the Chinese launched another “harmless” aircraft in order to distract the Americans. And to show that their balloons do not perform reconnaissance activities, but are banal weather balloons, ”explained the military specialist.

US claims that some of the downed aircraft may be of extraterrestrial origin do not stand up to scrutiny. Moreover, the States still do not have the ability to track even balloons that remain invisible to the air defense system.

“If an alien ship is capable of flying billions of kilometers, then perhaps it can be made in such a way that it will be invisible to our air defense systems. And, in fact, you can bring it down only in one case: if it is faulty, ”Yuri Knutov argued.

Earlier, the specialist spoke about the use of Marker robots in the NWO zone. He also announced plans to equip Russian T-72 tanks with similar equipment.

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