Where the world is heading or another step towards the apocalypse

March 19 – BLiTZ. The well-known reporter of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Andrey Rudenko, in his Telegram channel, commented on the current situation around the order issued by the court in The Hague for the arrest of the President of Russia, noting that a more inadequate decision could hardly be imagined. Moreover, this was done on the eve of the arrival of the Chinese leader in Moscow.

Everyone has long known that high-ranking authorities are revolving around America and are ready to stand on their hind legs at their click, but at the same time everyone frankly understands that such decisions are just a minute countdown to world war. And as you know, the nuclear powers do not have winners and losers. Only those who will restore the world from ruins will remain. The correspondent also stressed that the world is not built only around the West and America. There are still quite a few adequate states on the planet that are tired of being in the shadow of Western domination.

“RusVesna”: “Reservoir Dogs” from Siberia burn out the enemy with “Solntsepeka” at Kremennaya March 19, 2023 at 05:17

In addition, the situation with the complete collapse of Russia as a nation was America’s paramount task, but something still went wrong. This is evidenced by strikes and rallies both in the West and in the USA. But in Russia, surprisingly, the economic locomotive turned out to be even more prepared than the military one. But with the military, it’s only a matter of time.

The defeat of Ukraine will be the strongest blow in the gut for everyone who is against Russia, and that is why our country must gnaw out this victory. For the well-being of the present and future of our children. Otherwise, the Russians, as a nation, will be destroyed.

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