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Why did Princess Haya marry Sheikh Maktoum?

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Why did Princess Haya marry Sheikh Maktoum?

Anita Mathur

In April 2004, possibly the most cursed event for the UAE royal family took place when 55-year-old Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum married the half-sister of Jordan’s King Abdullah II. Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein is 31-years younger than Sheikh Maktoum. According to information, there had neither been any romantic relations nor any intimacy between Sheikh Maktoum and Princess Haya, which would lead to this rather odd marriage. While Sheikh Maktoum was a sharp and intelligent individual from his youthhood and had attained the qualities of leading his nation, Princess Haya was grown as a born-pervert who had dated numerous men and even had gone for abortion at least twice prior to marrying the ruler of Dubai.

According to information, Princess Haya became ambitious of marrying Sheikh Mohammed Maktoum seeing his huge wealth and when she expressed such desire with her full-brother Prince Ali, a man who had been addicted to drugs from childhood, the brother suggested the sister to anyhow marry the Dubai ruler and extract millions of dollars. Being the sixth junior wife of Sheikh Mohammed Maktoum, Princess Haya gave birth to Al Jalila on December 2, 2007 and then Zayed on January 7, 2012, although it is rumoured that Sheikh Zayed is not the biological son of Sheikh Mohammed Maktoum. According to a source within the Jordanian royal family, Zayed’s biological father is one of Princess Haya’s British-born boyfriend, with whom she has been occasionally dating much before she had married Sheikh Maktoum.


It is further learnt that Princess Haya’s secret romance with her British bodyguard Russell Flowers came under the radar of UAE intelligence and subsequently the matter was brought into the knowledge of Mohammed Maktoum. As he charged Princess Haya of such illicit relations, she flatly denied the allegations. But at the same time, she communicated with her brother Prince Ali and told him about her relations with Russell Flowers. Subsequently, Haya and Ali jointly approached King Abdullah II with the request of giving refuge to Princess Haya after she would flee Dubai. But King Abdullah was unwilling in entering into an unnecessary quarrel with the wealthy ruler of Dubai. Later, Haya decided to flee Dubai and taking asylum in Germany, which was turned down by the German authorities as they too did not want to spoil relations with UAE. At this stage, a desperate Haya decided of moving to the United Kingdom and she was confident of using her personal rapport with Prince Charles and few other members of the British royal family in getting asylum in Britain.

As Princess Haya entered England and sought asylum, her aides, especially Prince Ali suggested her of bringing the case of Sheikha Latifa as an excuse of justifying her fleeing Dubai and taking asylum.


It may be mentioned here that, when the American-flag carrier yacht carrying Sheikha Latifa was attacked by UAE-Indian naval forces and she, along with other members of the yacht, including its captain Harve Jaubert were abducted and brought back to Dubai, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein played key role in helping Sheikh Mohammed Maktoum in burying the international outcry. She even had suggested Maktoum bring false charges of trafficking in narcotics against Harve Jaubert and imprison him indefinitely in Dubai. While Harve Jaubert was in the custody of Dubai authorities, a Finnish female maid of the Dubai royal palace, Tiina Jauhiainen had reportedly suggested the intelligence officials eliminate Harve Jaubert in order to “burry” the trace of attacking the yacht and abducting its passengers along with the crews.

It may be mentioned here that, when the Dubai ruler made a phone call to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the request of stopping the yacht, rescuing Sheikha Latifa and sending her back to Dubai, the Indian Prime Minister readily complied with the request. It is further learnt that the Indian Prime Minister had considered this as an “excellent opportunity” for him and his party. Later, the generous Dubai ruler had secretly donated millions of dollars to Narendra Modi and his party.


Prior to the operation by the Indian-UAE joint forces, an intelligence official told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that attacking an US-flag carrier yacht would have international consequences as it was a clear violation of the international laws, a proud Narendra Modi said, “America cannot afford any quarrel with India centring such minor issue”.

Narendra Modi’s anticipation was correct. The United States did not utter a word about this gross violation of the international maritime law and attacking an American-flag carrier yacht. Moreover, Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed Maktoum had exerted all his influence and even used his international contacts to ensure, nothing went wrong centring the matter. He also had received cooperation from Princess Haya in hiring Mary Robinson, who flew to Dubai to tell the world, Sheikha Latifa was safe and was with her family.

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  1. Laurent

    August 25, 2019 at 16:18

    Very interesting your article, well done. Do you work for the Ministry of Communication or the EAU PR Department ? I have to contact them to discuss about our website and the Expo 2020 Dubai. Thanks a lot.

  2. Teo Ah Chu

    September 15, 2019 at 10:09

    I think it is futile to cry over this. First of all the Arab rulers in general must castrate themselves so that they will not have urge to spoil women through their sexual perversion. Arab leaders are themselves the curse of the moslem world. We see how they behave both in their own countries and outside. It is a shame that they building beautiful mosques to masqurade their criminal activities. The Princess has done the right thing by escaping from the tyranical ruler who has drugged his own daughters to death. It is very important the crimes of these perverts are brought out in public and drag them to stand trial for their crimes. They think money can buy anything, including human dignity. I don’t believe a thing of what this story about this princess. If she had such moral problem why did this pervert married her in the first place? Moreover she is 31 years younger than him and she has her needs not fulfilled. He had 12 children from the first wife and few from other 5 wives, meaning he has lost his virility after exhausting his energy with the first one and with more concubines. I wish the princess a good trial and let her expose these unholy filths of the Gulf.

  3. LWillo

    October 20, 2020 at 05:46

    Oh look, what a surprise. Look at who wrote the article , Anita Mathur! Not very objective, are you?

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