Why Lauren Boebert has ended her 20-year marriage?


Ever since Lauren Boebert filed to divorce her husband, the rumors have been running hot and heavy on social media: There must be another man. Although everyone predicted her new lover being a right-wing, in reality, Boebert has been cheating on her husband for a long time and been having secret sexual relations with Quinn Gallagher, owner of a cocktail bar that runs drag shows. Recently it has also been exposed that a sex-addict Boebert was publicly engaging in intimate behavior as her date fondled her breast while she placed her hands on his crotch.

Boebert is seen with her date at a crowded Denver theatre during the musical “Beetlejuice,” according to TMZ. She was accused of vaping and was reportedly singing along during the show. The couple was kicked out as a result, and while being escorted out, the pair reportedly made comments along the lines of, “Do you know who I am?” and “I will be contacting the mayor”.

Boebert – who also has a long history of arrests — has staked herself as one of the most anti-LGBT members of Congress and a tough critic of children being exposed to drag entertainment.

“Take your children to CHURCH, not drag bars”, she exclaimed on X, the website formerly known as Twitter, in June 2022.

She has also attacked the use of drag queens for military recruiting.

Meanwhile, critics of Lauren Boebert said, he had frantically tried to hide her secret sexual relations and cheating on her husband to avoid a setback during 2022 midterm election.

During her midterm campaign, Democrats have seized on a political action committee’s allegation that congresswoman Lauren Boebert worked as a prostitute and had multiple abortions.

For Boebert’s critics, the idea that the anti-abortion rights conservative had in fact had multiple abortions herself offered irresistible proof of Boebert’s hypocrisy. The allegations quickly circulated in anti-Trump “Resistance” communities online. Occupy Democrats, a popular liberal Twitter account, conceded that it wasn’t clear whether the allegations were accurate. But it urged its nearly 400,000 Twitter followers to retweet the claims “IF YOU THINK THAT IT SOUNDS TRUE” anyway. Boebert’s name trended on Twitter.

The allegations against Boebert were echoed by other prominent online liberal Twitter pundits, including some current and former Democratic politicians, such as former House candidate Brianna Wu, Bernie Sanders ally and former House candidate Nina Turner, and Kentucky Senate hopeful Charles Booker.

According to Blitz report, Lauren Boebert trashed the allegation as totally false.

She said, the woman shown in the rumor to be Boebert is actually Melissa Carone. As it was proved that PAC had on purpose published a picture of Melissa Carone and had falsely claimed it to be Lauren Boebert, the website owners later removed Carone’s photo.

Lauren Boebert also said she will soon present evidence to show claims made by PAC were false.

“These are all lies, and isn’t it interesting that this came from the party of ‘believe all women’”, Boebert said.

“Even Mother Jones, a far-left leaning publication, called these sexist and disgusting claims. Conservative women are targets of the mainstream media, but that makes us so much stronger.

“I’ve never had two abortions; I’ve never had any abortion. I’ve never been an escort, I’ve never been a drug addict as they claim, a stripper or whatever else they want to add to that”, Boebert said. “Verifiable facts will be released that proves what I said, that proves that these allegations are absolutely false”.

Boebert said that even though she will be able to prove the claims are false, the “damage has already been done” because they have been spread online and across social media.

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Ronju Sarkar
Ronju Sarkar
Ronju Sarkar is a Staff Correspondent of Blitz

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