Will compensation be given without post mortem report after death due to alcohol in Bihar? Know the big decision of Nitish government


Nitish government has taken a big decision regarding the compensation to be received after death due to alcohol in Bihar. Now, after death due to alcohol in the state, the relatives of the deceased will be able to get compensation even without the post mortem report. The government will give this compensation after completing the investigation process. Minister Sunil Kumar gave this information during a conversation with journalists on Wednesday.

The family will get compensation even if there is no post mortem

Prohibition, Excise and Registration Department Minister Sunil Kumar told reporters after the public hearing held at JDU state headquarters on Wednesday that the process of giving compensation to the next of kin of those killed by drinking spurious liquor is progressing in a positive direction. After the announcement of compensation, the next of kin of the deceased whose post mortem reports are available, will easily get the compensation amount. At the same time, before the announcement, the relatives of the deceased, whose post-mortem has not been done in this case, will be given compensation amount by the government after the investigation process. Its process is also going on.

Compensation of four lakhs to the dependents of the deceased

Let us tell you that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had said last month that the families of those who died of spurious liquor would be given Rs 4 lakh as compensation from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. This grant will be given to all dependents after 2016. This compensation will be given to the families of all those people who died due to drinking spurious liquor.

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Whoever fulfills these conditions will get compensation

To take advantage of this grant, the relatives of the deceased will have to give in writing to the DM that the person who died had consumed alcohol, due to which he died. Along with this, the name and address of the family members from where the liquor was taken will also have to be given. Along with this, it should also be given in writing that the liquor ban policy of the Bihar government is better and we whole heartedly support it. Along with this, an oath will also have to be taken that no one in the family will drink alcohol in future. Only those who do this will be given a relief of four lakh rupees.

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