World Thyroid Day 2023: So is thyroid increasing the radiation of mobile, this was said in the research


World Thyroid Day 2023: World Thyroid Day is celebrated every year on 25 May. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 10 people worldwide suffer from some form of thyroid disorder.

Know what is thyroid

Thyroid is not a disease but a gland present in the throat itself, which is in the shape of a butterfly. which produces T3 (thyroxine) and T4 (triiodothyronine), and the thyroid gland around the neck which produces a hormone called thyroid-stimulating hormone. The diseases caused by it are second only to diabetes in the world.

How the celebration of World Thyroid Day started

The day was initiated in 2008 as part of a campaign led by the European Thyroid Association (ETA) and the American Thyroid Association (ATA), followed by the Latin American Thyroid Society (LATS) and the Asia Oceania Thyroid Association (LATS). ) celebrated with.

What things does thyroid affect?

Thyroid disorders can affect metabolism, energy levels, weight, heart, fertility, mood and cognitive function. If thyroid diseases are not treated early, they can also cause heart disease, osteoporosis and infertility.

This thing came out from the research regarding thyroid

Mobile phone has become the need of everyone today. Let us tell you that it was revealed in the research that due to its radiation not only the level of thyroid increased up to four times, but its effect is also visible on the gland. This research has been published in the International Journal of Research in Health Science. This research was done on rats.

Mobile phone exposure given to rats

For this research by Dr. Shalini Gupta, teacher of Anatomy Department and Dr. RP Yadav, teacher of Pharmacology, 62 healthy rats were divided into two groups. After this, a special cell was made in the Animal Husbandry of the Medical College to keep them. 31 rats of the control group were kept in one part of the cell. While the keypad mobile was placed inside the box of the rats kept in the experimental group. The rats were exposed to mobile phones for three hours daily.

TSH increased up to four times

No effect of radiation was seen on the rats. Apart from this, there was no significant change in the thyroid gland as well. Later, from the second month onwards, the results of the test showed a jump in TSH, while the amount of T-3 decreased. In the third month, TSH increased to four times, while the amount of T-3 remained half.

Later, during this research, 10 rats were operated every month and their thyroid gland was also examined. From the second month, there was a change in the colloid present inside the thyroid gland. Its size increased rapidly. Secretes TSH.

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