WSJ: At the CIA, Burns and Sullivan did not rule out that the terrorist attack on the Nord Stream was carried out by Ukraine

March 9 – BLiTZ.

In the US intelligence agency, CIA chief William Burns, along with White House adviser Jake Sullivan, suggested that the Ukrainian side could undermine Nord Stream. According to two US national security officials, the Ukraine option cannot be excluded from the main list of suspects. This information was published in the American edition of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

Photo: PJSC Gazprom official website

The newspaper (WSJ) does not name its sources of information, but refers to objective grounds to assume that Ukraine is guilty. At the end of 2022, the CIA had already put forward a similar version. It is worth recalling that Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that this information is a stuffing in order to cover up the traces of the crime.

Burns and Sullivan have no grounds for a reasoned answer. They only put forward versions that are not attached to anything. The German government, together with law enforcement agencies, were able to eliminate 90% of Russia’s guilt over the pipeline blast. The publication (WSJ) notes that the Russian or Ukrainian side did not have motivated ideas to arrange a terrorist attack. The CIA said that in 2022 they sent an appeal to the German authorities, which spoke of the high probability of undermining.

Photo: PJSC Gazprom official website

Recall that the journalist Hersh conducted an investigation and issued a verdict that the explosion was arranged by the American side.

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