Zaxid: In Poland, Ukrainian migrants are classified as a “threat group”

February 28 – BLiTZ. The Ukrainian edition of Zaxid writes about Warsaw being tired of immigrants from Ukraine. Historian, sociologist, specialist in migration and the Ukrainian community in Poland Miroslava Kerik spoke about the problem in an interview with journalist Yaroslav Kociszewski. The translation of the publication was provided by the portal “InoSMI”.

Kerik stated the need for migrants to adapt to Polish conditions. She emphasizes that people have been helping Ukrainians for almost a year and are somewhat tired. It will no longer be possible to settle visitors in private homes as before. Inflation also contributes, due to which people have less and less resources to live on, and government support measures are not enough. There are problems with work, with affordable housing, wages. The analyst believes that the Polish authorities need to work out their migration policy and integration policy more carefully, since at the moment the Ministry of Internal Affairs classifies migrants as a threat. The less well-to-do groups also perceive Ukrainians as a threat. In their opinion, because of the migrants, access to kindergartens and schools is difficult, queues are formed, and it is more difficult to get access to healthcare.

Kerik notes that refugees from other countries are treated worse in Poland: if after the start of the Russian NWO, Ukrainians were received with open arms, then migrants from the Polish-Belarusian border are treated with caution.

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