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Adolf Hitler preferred Islam over Christianity

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Adolf Hitler preferred Islam over Christianity

In the pages of his memoirs, Reich Minister of Armament and War Production Albert Speer, who was the personal architect of the Fuhrer, wrote that Hitler highly valued Islam and regretted that the Germans did not become followers of Muhammad: “The trouble is that we profess the wrong religion … Mohammedan faith would suit us much better than Christianity with its rag tolerance”, writes Igor Bukker

Another exacerbation of the conflict between Israel and Palestine has given a new impetus to the holivar in social networks. Ordinary users and public figures demonstrate mutual hatred. Some send curses against Islam, while others praise the Shoah. Information surfaced about adherence to the Muslim religion of Adolf Hitler. In some cases, messages range from involuntary distortion to outright fakes

The other day, Pakistani model, actress and TV presenter Veena Malik on her Twitter quoted the phrase attributed to the Fuehrer glorifying the Holocaust: “I would kill all Jews, but I would save the lives of some to show why I killed them.”

For the first time, this quote in German, along with a portrait of Hitler, was replicated on Facebook in the summer of 2014. Many social media users praised Hitler for his wise decision. A court in Salzburg, Austria, sentenced a 30-year-old man to a one-year suspended sentence for posting the post, who must also visit the concentration camp memorial.

Some foreign sites claim that there is no documentary evidence that the words common on the Web belong to Hitler. It is difficult to object here, how to look for a black cat in a dark room. However, Hitler’s attitude to Islam is recorded in the memoir literature.

Adolf Hitler’s views on Islam

In the pages of his memoirs, Reich Minister of Armament and War Production Albert Speer, who was the personal architect of the Fuhrer, wrote that Hitler highly valued Islam and regretted that the Germans did not become followers of Muhammad: “The trouble is that we profess the wrong religion … Mohammedan faith would suit us much better than Christianity with its rag tolerance. “

The leader of the German Nazis was dissatisfied with the mayordom of the Frankish state Karl Martell, not because this grandfather of Charlemagne pacified the German tribes, but because in the fierce battle of Poitiers, the Franks, with the support of Lombard, Saxon and Frisian warriors in 732, stopped the advance of the forces of the Umayyad Caliphate …

The Arabs had not only to abandon the conquest of Gaul, but also to suspend further expansion into Europe. It is possible that the founder of the Carolingian dynasty received his Latin nickname Martellus – “Hammer” in honor of Judas Maccabee (“Hammerman”) – the leader of the Jewish uprising against the yoke of the Seleucid state.

“If Karl Martell had lost, we would all probably have been converted to the Mohammedan faith, a cult glorifying heroism and opening the way to heaven only for brave warriors. Then the peoples of the Germanic race would have conquered the whole world,” Hitler said, pointing out that ” the Arab conquerors, because of their racial inferiority in the long term, would not have been able to settle in the harsh climate and conditions [of Europe]. They would not have coped with the more energetic local population, and ultimately the Muslim empire would not be led by Arabs, but by the Islamized Germans “.

During the war years, criticizing the Roman Catholic Church, the Fuhrer cited Islam as an example. Some of the Crimean Tatars, who saw in him their savior, paid with gratitude and called Hitler “Adolf Effendi”.

The origins of the Fuhrer’s views

The wide spread of anti-Semitism in the 19th century, especially among intellectuals in Germany, most modern people are well aware of. Another thing is the attitude towards the youngest world religion. Judaism was criticized by Arthur Schopenhauer and the composer Richard Wagner, influenced by his philosophical ideas. Schopenhauer, an admirer of Buddhism, called Islam a “disgusting doctrine.” The German philosopher contrasted Christianity and Brahmanism with optimistic Judaism and its offspring, Islam.

But another value – a thinker of planetary scope – Friedrich Nietzsche not only was not known as an anti-Semite, but highly valued the Jews “as the purest race in Europe.”

Nietzsche has the following revelation: “The thinker, on whose conscience lies the future of Europe, with all the plans that he makes for himself regarding this future, will reckon with the Jews – and with the Russians – as the most reliable and probable factors in the great game and the struggle of forces “.

Not speaking particularly flatteringly about his compatriots, the Germans, Nietzsche saw the future in the fusion of the German and Slavic races, without any Americanism! Some researchers see in the above-mentioned personalities a kind of predecessors of National Socialism, but, apparently, its ideologists borrowed only the one corresponding to their own worldview. It is interesting how Nietzsche contrasted Islam with Christianity.

Adolf Hitler fully shared the following confession of Friedrich Nietzsche: “There can be no choice between Islam and Christianity, as well as between an Arab and a Jew. The decision is given, and no one is free to choose. Either we are chandala, or not chandala …” ! Peace, friendship with Islam “: this is how that great free spirit, the genius among the German emperors, Frederick II felt, did so.”

The work from which this and all subsequent quotations are taken, in the Russian translation, has two variants of the title: “Anti-Christian” and, more accurately, “Antichrist”.

In one of his last books, Nietzsche raises the green banner of the Prophet: “If Islam despises Christianity, then he is a thousand times right: the premise of Islam is men …”

And finally, a reference to the Fuhrer’s complaints about the victory of Christianity over Islam in the Pyrenees as interpreted by the philosopher.

“Christianity ruined the harvest of ancient culture, later it destroyed the harvest of the culture of Islam. The wonderful Moorish cultural world of Spain, in essence more akin to us, more speaking to our feelings and taste than Rome and Greece, was trampled underfoot (I don’t say with which feet)” , – noted Nietzsche.

Political and military calculations

One of the reasons for the sympathy of the Nazi elite towards the Turkic and Muslim peoples was the desire to drag Turkey into the war. In September 1941, one of the leaders of this movement, Lieutenant General Nuri Killigil (Nuri Killigil or Nuri Paşa), arrived in Berlin in order to “clarify the position of Germany regarding the demands of the pan-Turkists”.

From 11 to 25 September, he held talks with the deputy head of the political department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Third Reich, Ernst Woermann. As a result, it was decided to create a special committee in Berlin to disseminate the ideas of Pan-Turkism, “in particular, among prisoners of war-Turks and Muslims with the aim of using them for campaigning on Soviet territory and forming military units from them.”

In the same year, in Ankara, Nuri Pasha made contact with the German ambassador to Turkey, Franz von Papen, to secure support for the pan-Turkic cause. With his help, the SS Turkestan Legion (Turkistanische Legion) was formed from prisoners of war of Turkic nationalities.

In November 1944, Heinrich Himmler, together with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammad Amin al-Husseini, created the first school for military imams in Dresden. This school existed under the auspices of the SS to serve the Muslim Germans.

Earlier, in January 1944, SS Reichsfuehrer Heinrich Himmler, receiving a group of Muslim officers from Bosnia at a Silesian military training ground, said: “We have common goals. There is no more solid basis for coexistence than common goals and ideals. Germany did not have the slightest friction with Islam for 200 years. “

A few days later, speaking at a rally in front of the functionaries of the NSDAP Racial Policy Office, the same Himmler said: “I must say, I have nothing against Islam. Because in this unit he trains his people for me and promises them heaven if they fought and fell in battle. A useful and cute religion for soldiers. “

The 41-year-old German historian and publicist, professor of the Department of International History at the London School of Economics David Motadel, author of several books on the attitude of Nazi bosses and the Fuhrer to Islam, believes that Muslims were systematically recruited in the Third Reich, but this was more likely to affect ” military calculations “than ideological preferences.

Historians do not have accurate data on the number of Muslims in the ranks of the Wehrmacht and SS units. According to Motadel, their number could be close to 300 thousand. Muslim soldiers were considered effective and brutal fighters, with the exception of the Arabs, who were seen as unreliable.

In the State Archives of the Republic of Crimea there is such a document: “Participants of the partisan movement in Crimea were living witnesses of the massacres of the Tatar volunteers and their masters over the captured sick and wounded partisans (murders, burning of the sick and wounded). In a number of cases, the Tatars were more ruthless and professional than the executioners. fascists “.

For the sake of fairness, we note that in the partisan detachments there were more than a thousand Crimean Tatars among the commanders and commissars, as well as ordinary fighters.

One of the first laws of the Nazi regime in 1933 was the Reichstierschutzgesetz, an Imperial Animal Welfare Act that opposed the Jewish custom of kosher slaughter. In 1941, this ban was lifted to allow Muslims who fought in the Wehrmacht and SS to use halal.

Despite Hitler’s admiration for Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, despite the Nazis’ willingness to cooperate with collaborators, Hitler, Himmler and other high-ranking NSDAP leaders before the war publicly spoke of the Turks, Indians and Arabs as an inferior race.

This article is republished from Pravda, Russia

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