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British organization disavows Fiyaz Mughal’s No2H8Crime awards


British organization disavows Fiyaz Mughal’s No2H8Crime awards

Jishua Winston

I’ve written before about how an organization that Fiyaz Mughal helped set up (No2H8Crime) nominated an internet troll who is known for doing nothing more than attempting to destroy lives by trolling online with racists and homophobes. These organizations, that are funded with taxpayers’ money, would on the surface appear to have noble reasons for existing. When writing that first article about TellMama and No2H8Crime, I approached Tell Mama as well as all other anti-race, anti-bullying and anti-hate charities/orgs who partner with, support or endorse No2H8Crime. These partners are 32 in number. They include the London Mayor’s office, as well as British Transport police, and West Mercia and Warwickshire police. The Daily Mirror promote them, and, interestingly, Facebook have now also partnered with No2H8Crime within the past few days. I received no response from any of the people I contacted at that time, and no assurances that they would be investigating my claims and withdrawing support from anyone who is nominating or recognizing a person who spreads hatred and racism online. As a result, another year passed and more nominations went forward, and more awards were handed out.

In a bid to finally get an answer from these agencies, I approached them all again, telephoning them to make sure I had gotten their email addresses correct, and alerting them to the fact that I was writing a follow-up piece on them. I was assured that I had indeed sent the emails to the correct addresses, and further assured by them that they would have a read over my new email and give me a response. That’s two emails and a phone call I made to these anti-racism, anti-Islamophobia, anti-bullying, etc. organizations, as well as sending out a multitude of tweets that went unanswered. A week has passed and I have received one reply from a group called, and I would like to commend them for assuring me that they do not stand in support of “Trolling, Doxing, Cyberbullying, etc.” They go on to say that they have “previously been involved in, supported and publicized the generation of material, such as the work of ‘Get the Trolls Out,’ specifically in order to encourage and support responsible and non-harmful “‘counter-speech’ activity.” I suspect this was initially geared towards leftist readers in a bid to assist them in shutting down the imaginary “far-right” boogeymen, but they agree that the rules apply even to left-wing, liberal trolls who are also unable to debate without resorting to personal attacks on one’s character, family and children.

Stop Hate UK are having their good name, and their ethos, dragged through the mud by their partnership with the TellMama, Fiyaz Mughal-initiated awards that are known by the name of No2H8Crime. Stop Hate UK confirmed that “our status as ‘partners’ is therefore largely in support of the underlying principal of encouraging and acknowledging ‘Active Citizenship’…Nevertheless, we would also assert that any such ‘Active Citizenship’ does require an obligation to conduct activities responsibly, and therefore precludes the harmful, negative, and, in their more extreme forms, potentially criminal activities and behaviours.” It’s disturbing to me that people like Fiyaz Mughal and his affiliated charities can get away with raising the public profile of people who do nothing more than sow division and spread hatred, but I am reassured by Stop Hate UK informing me that their CEO is now aware of how No2H8Crime operate, and by the fact that they will review their association with them, and discuss how best to go forward from now on. They have agreed that “there is a need for closer scrutiny and research in relation to potential nominees for future awards, in order to avoid any perception that Stop Hate UK, or indeed any of the award supporters, would condone the behaviours” that I have outlined and alerted them to.  If only all of the other partners and sponsors felt the same way.

Too often these organizations that exist to fight racism and hatred are guilty of turning a blind eye when a leftist uses racism or homophobia as a tool to bully others they disagree with. In this regard, these organizations are every bit as guilty of encouraging the bullying of others even while they profess to condemn such behaviour. Stonewall UK gave no reply when alerted to the homophobic and transphobic abuse these trolls were meting out to other people on social media. They did not respond to emails, and they did not come out to condemn the language and behaviour online, even while one of their staff was engaging in an encouragingly supportive conversation with the trolls. Likewise, BLM UK didn’t utter a word when they were shown the racist tweets that were being put out by friends of No2H8Crime’s nominee. They didn’t bat an eyelid at the use of the N-word being employed and weaponized because it was being directed at a perceived right-wing person. To state the obvious, going forward with awards for “Active Citizenship” requires that nominees’ social media profiles are vetted. It’s a simple task. Not screening a person, when that person has been put forward for an award, is lazy, reckless, and irresponsible. It leads, as we see here, to an organization’s own public image being discredited. It also emboldens these trolls, and allows them to continue in their bullying ways, imbued with an even higher sense of righteousness in their crusade to shut down any opinion they disagree with.

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