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Communist threats to India’s security


Communist threats to India’s security

“Hitherto, the Communist party of India has found some difficulty in contacting communists abroad, or in getting supplies of arms, literature, etc., from them. They had to contend with the difficult Burmese and Pakistan frontiers on the east with the long seaboard. They shall now have a comparatively easy means of access to Chinese communists and through them to other foreign communists. Infiltration of spies, fifth columnists and communists would now be easier. Instead of having to deal with isolated communist pockets and Telangana and Warangal we may have to deal with communist threats to our security along our northern and north-eastern frontiers, where, for supplies of arms and ammunition, they can safely depend on communist arsenals in China”. – Sardar Patel’s Letter to Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru dated November 7, 1950 warning India about dangers from China. Writes Prafulla Ketkar

Another ambush at Bijapur-Sukma. Twenty-two brave-hearts who were just doing their duty sacrificed their lives. One more stern warning from the Government’s side. Looks everything as usual, a sort of annual ritual in the same region. The only difference was, Home Minister himself visited the CRPF camp and took stock of the situation. Though this is not a small change, considering the image and reach of the so-called ‘Naxals’ in the system, this should not be the end.

Way back in 1950, Sardar Patel, the then Home Minister, had warned about this menace, their nexus and havoc they can create for internal security of Bharat. “Infiltration of spies, fifth columnists and communists would now be easier” – what can be a better description of the communist modus-operandi? Why could not we uproot this challenge and disallowed the ‘Left Wing Terror’ to be the biggest internal security threat with external linkages.

In 1951 when the Communist movement itself was facing the ban, a group of CPI tried to mainstream it by adopting the principles of parliamentary democracy, though just as a tool to further the objectives of bloody revolution. The other groups, who always considered ‘Parliament’ as the capitalist and therefore an exploitative institution, started opening different revolutionary shops in the name of Marx, Lenin and Mao. After the sad demise of Sardar Patel, Nehru, a communist sympathizer allowed them to play this game. Later Indira Gandhi outsourced the entire intellectual and ideological activities to the ‘Left-Wing’ and the real manipulation started. Naxalbari from where the first revolution started was crushed by Congress but without eliminating the roots. It is a different story, that the ‘Naxalbari’ from where ‘Naxal’ word originated does not even have presence there. On the contrary, RSS inspired Vidya Bharati school is imparting nationalist and cultural values of integration to the students.

From People’s War Group to MCC to CPI (Maoist) all are nothing but changing colors. What is happening in the forests is just a tip of the iceberg. Entire extortion is controlled from urban centres. Media management to judicial management, all activities are undertaken to make over the ‘Naxal-Image’. They kill tribals but they are pro-poor. They do not allow any fruits of development to reach to the forest dwellers; still they are for distributive development. Think tanks and research fellowships are specially designed to encourage pro-Naxal narrative. Madvi Hidma is just a face, an unknown demon created by his urban masters.

The way Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) shamelessly came out in support of GN Saibaba, even after his conviction is a glaring example. The release of Binayak Sen and the campaign for Varvara Rao undertaken in the name of age etc are nothing but normalization of Red Terror Acts. Our minds and the system have been used to this. The real enemy of all variants of Communism is Bharat and its strong civilizational edifice. They try all tricks to create divisions based on various identities. Their people’s democracy is only for the party and never for the people. Once we expose this modus-operandi of the Red Terrorists, and question their actions on Constitutional principles, our soldiers will not have to fight in the dense forests. They are losing ground all over Bharat. This is the time to break the nexus.

Prafulla Ketkar is a veteran journalist and Editor of The Organiser

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