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Did the WSJ see world’s newsleader in Blitz?

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Did the WSJ see world’s newsleader in Blitz?

We may not say this way, but of course, the ultimate results of our editorial efforts as well as comments of the international media on Blitz clearly proves, this newspaper is read by those top policymakers in the world. Contents in Blitz matter and certainly bear effect. In size of print edition or the readership of our online edition, we may not be amongst the largest in the world – but with certainty, we are the most influential newspaper.

According to latest news in the international media, US President Donald Trump met DPR Korea [North Korea]’s leader Marshal Kim Jong Un in Hanoi, Vietnam.

President Donald Trump praised Kim Jong Un as a great leader and talked up North Korea’s unlimited economic potential as the pair begun their two-day summit. The US and North Korean leaders shared handshake, warm words and a laugh while posing for the camera. The two world leaders talked alone at first, save only for interpreters, before enjoying a wider dinner with key members of their administrations at a luxury colonial-era hotel in the city.

Mr. Trump, who earlier in the day had tweeted terming the DPR Korea’s leader as ‘my friend Kim’ and said, I think that your country has tremendous economic potential – unbelievable, unlimited. I think that you will have a tremendous future with your country – a great leader – and I look forward to watching it happen and helping it to happen”.

In response, Marshal Kim Jong Un said that North Korea had been misunderstood and viewed with distrust in the past but praised the steps Washington and Pyongyang have made to ease tensions.

“There have been efforts, whether out of hostility or not, to block the path that we intend to take,” Kim Jong Un said, before adding that those challenges had been overcome.

It was Blitz that paved the path to this summit:

On June 29, 2011, America’s most prestigious daily newspaper The Wall Street Journal published an opinion editorial titled ‘How to generate good press write it’, where it said, “When it comes to making the case that the world press is continually celebrating the achievements of North Korea, the Korean Central News Agency has no more reliable evidence than a Bangladesh weekly newspaper called Blitz, or, as the KCNA sometimes renders it in the heat of the moment, Blits. “Kim Jong Il’s Feats in Building Thriving Nation Lauded by Bangladeshi Newspaper,” a June 4 KCNA headline declared. “Kim Il Sung Praised by Bangladeshi Newspaper,” it trumpeted on June 13”.

Why did Blitz support North Korea defying global media trend?

The answer is simple. Editorial policy of this newspaper is to promote global peace and as part of our commitment, we did publish the other side of the story when the entire world media was engaged in North Korea bashing or projecting the country as a “land of evils”. Since 1992, through my relations with the people of DPR Korea [North Korea], I have seen them as the most courageous, hard working, patriotic and dedicated nation. To my understanding, the only obstacle behind its economic progresses was because of series of punitive sanctions imposed by the international community. Sometime such sanctions seemed to me as an effort of pressurizing a brave nation in surrendering their independence and sovereignty.

We have faced ruthless media assault for the ‘crime’ of defending DPR Korea for years. No other newspaper in the world had the guts of publishing the truth about DPR Korea and its leaders other than Blitz.  Why we did that? Because we knew, one day, the international community will realize the necessity of embracing DPR Korea as a trustworthy partner instead of confronting with it. And finally, our aspirations are going to see it turn into a reality – soon.

Blitz denounces Uyghur radical Muslims in China:

When some of the nations and rights groups, in the name of ‘rights to religion’ are blindly supporting Uyghur radical Muslims in China, we are the only newspaper in the entire world that strongly supports Beijing’s policies in combating the rise of radical Islam within the Uyghur Muslims. This is again is a part of our editorial policy of confronting radical Islam, because we know, radical Islam is the root cause of terrorism and jihad. We don’t want this world go into the evil grips of notorious jihadists such as Al Qaeda, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Abu Saiyyaf, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Muhammad etc. We fully understand, if the Uyghur Muslims will get the opportunity of practicing radical Islam and culture of hatred, one day, much notorious and dangerous jihadist outfit would emerge from within this community thus posing serious threat to regional and global peace and security. Here again, today the international community may see our anti-Uyghur editorial policy as pro-China bias, but one day very soon, everyone will realize – Blitz policy was correct.

Blitz confronted Indian Muslim clergyman Zakir Naik:

Back in 2010-2011, as Zakir Naik, a notorious Muslim clergyman in India was spreading hatred and jihadism through his lectures and his Peace TV, a television channel owned by him, which was funded by Arab nations; it was Blitz that had exposed Naik’s nefarious face to the world. This man was openly proclaiming Osama Bin Lader as a “hero” and was promoting Al Qaeda as “savior of Islam”. Because of our reports and series of editorial comments, Zakir Naik was banned in Canada, United Kingdom and a number of Western nations. Finally in 2018, Indian authorities had brought criminal charges against this man for inciting communal violence. Bangladesh and most of the Muslim countries too had banned Zakir Naik’s publications and his Peace TV.

Blitz has been exposing madrassas as breeding ground of jihad:

Since 2002, this newspaper has been exposing the madrassas [Koranic schools] as the breeding grounds of radical Islam and jihad. Our battle against radical Islam and jihad will continue until we have successfully defeated this evil force and uprooted it from the world.

Are we the global news leader?

We may not say this way, but of course, the ultimate results of our editorial efforts as well as comments of the international media on Blitz clearly proves, this newspaper is read by those top policymakers in the world. Blitz contents matters and certainly bears effect. In size of print edition or the readership of our online edition, we may not be amongst the largest in the world – but certainly we are the most influential newspaper.

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1 Comment

  1. Hasan

    February 28, 2019 at 19:59

    Weekly blitz must be taken into consideration. They have taken enough of humiliation in DPRK BAD TIME

    Now its ‘GOOD TIME’ for DPRK. DPRK should not forget their ONLY ALLY

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