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Education should not come under taxation

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Education should not come under taxation

Bangladesh is on the track of fastest economic growth. We already are earning tremendous appreciation from the world for our massive success records. Such achievements have been made possible because of brilliant statesmanship of our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, for which, the nation remains eternally indebted to the daughter of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. To maintain this trend of growth and prosperity, we need to ensure, our future generation gets the opportunities and encouragement to higher education, while we also need to especially focus on further improving our Information Technology (IT) sector. According to media reports, Bangladeshi freelancers are earning around US$ 500 million each year, which can be increased many folds once the government provides assistances, incentives and encouragement to our youths, who are increasingly participating in the IT sector.

We need to remember, for the sustainable growth of a nation, there is no alternative to higher education, and the opportunity of such education should be rather broadened further to our future generation.

According to media reports, the Finance Ministry has proposed 15 percent taxes on higher education, which goes against the ambition of letting Bangladesh emerge as a well-educated nation to the world. We need to remember, every nation, that has previously achieved successes have put special importance and emphasis on education. We can take the example of Singapore in this case. If we are willing to truly become a global leader, there is no alternative to ensuring a better educated future generation.

It may be mentioned here that, once taxes are imposed on higher education in the country, the ultimate burden would only land on the students and their guardians, which may finally seriously jeopardize the prospect of letting our future generation become better educated. Imposing taxes would greatly hurt country’s education sector. We need to remember, the constitution of Bangladesh says, the government will ensure education to the citizen. In this case, putting the axes of tax burden on education would even go against the constitutional provisions of the country. This also goes against Bangabandhu’s aspiration of Sonar Bangla.

While humbly appealing the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to ensure, there is no attempt by the Finance Ministry in putting burden of taxes on country’s education system, we also appeal for upgrading the education standard in the public schools, colleges and universities in the country by putting special emphasis on the standard on encouraging students in attaining skills in their standard of English, as being a nation with our economy greatly dependent on export and foreign exchange earnings, we can in no way consider English as a ignored language. Our policymakers may even consider introducing other foreign languages in our education system, encouraging the future generation to be much better prepared to represent Bangladesh in the internationally community.

Additionally, we are humbly requesting the government to introduce computer education in the primary schools while special trainings in IT sector, in addition to their regular curriculum in the public college and universities.

The magnanimous leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has granted us the opportunity of feeling prouder of being a Bangalee and a citizen of Bangladesh. We need to uphold this spirit of patriotism and pride.

May God the Almighty bless our Prime Minister with long life and good health. May the trend of prosperity of Bangladesh eternally continue.

Joy Bangla!

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