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Elation of so-called Palestinian statehood starts getting shattered

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Elation of so-called Palestinian statehood starts getting shattered

Elation of the so-called statehood of the Palestinians greatly depend on terrorism as vessels, where notorious terrorist outfits such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad mainly are pushing forward the agenda of continuing destructive and subversive activities inside the State of Israel and harming innocent Jews. In other words, the prime goal of the “Palestinians” is to spread venom of terrorism inside Israel and beyond. Meanwhile, during the recent past, Hamas leaders have repeatedly vowed their allegiance with Iran and have openly proclaimed of emerging as one of Iranian proxies in the Middle East. Meaning, the key objective of Hamas onwards would be to terrorize the Jewish State and other enemies of Iran, especially Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. In such evil agenda of Hamas and those “Palestinian” terrorists, Qatar would lavishly provide hundreds of millions of dollars, while Iranian regime would supply weapons and explosives, including its drones with the target of causing maximum damage to Israel.

In the meantime, when Joe Biden became the US president in November 2020, expectations within the leaders of Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and so-called Palestinians were high. Mahmoud Abbas was one of the first leaders to send congratulating message to Biden, thinking he would become an effective tool to implementation of their statehood. Pro-Palestinian writers had condemned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s delay in congratulating Biden stating Netanyahu was “hoping that his close friend and staunch political ally Donald Trump would succeed in reversing the outcome of the poll”. These Israel-hating Arab writers too wanted Joe Biden to emerge as a neo-Nazi and do everything which would harm the security and sovereignty of the Jewish State. Indeed, Biden, within hours of assuming the office had lifted sanctions of a number of terrorist and jihadist entities of the “Palestinians”, similarly as he did with the Houthis terrorists in Yemen.

Defenders and advocates of the so-called Palestinians were also expecting from Joe Biden of immediately shutting-down the US Embassy in Jerusalem, stating, it was done of Donald Trump “in violation of international law”. Unfortunately, there had been enthusiasm within Biden administration, where anti-Semites were making frantic bids in using Biden, Kamala Harris and few other key officials of the Biden administration in favor of the Palestinian terrorists. They were desperately pushing forward such agenda where Jerusalem is the undivided capital of the State of Israel – both historically and biblically.

In September 2018, President Donald Trump had banned the office of Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in the Washington DC for its direct involvement in terrorist activities. Unfortunately, Biden administration had tried to give new life to PLO. Islamists and jihadists within the Democratic Party as well as a section of rogue media in the US are continuously attempting to reopen the PLO office in Washington with direct patronization of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and few other members of the administration. Similarly, they are pressing Biden to open a consulate in East Jerusalem although Joe Biden is looking for opening it in Ramallah. But, powerful lobbies in the US are hoping for opening of US consulate in East Jerusalem sometime during November 2021.

Unfortunately, there is no real pro-Israel voice in the international media as major chunk of western media outlets are either controlled by anti-Semites, Left and Islamist cronies. On the other hand, Qatar and Iran are spending hundreds of millions of dollars in using the Western and global media against Israel.

For Joe Biden, the 2022 midterm elections will be crucial as there are indications of Democratic Party losing control both in the Congress and the Senate. If Biden finally steps in the elation of the so-called statehood of the Palestinians, he will not only ruin his own political future, but he also will grant tremendous capacities to Hamas and other terrorist entities within the “Palestinians”. This will be Biden’s repetition blunder that he also has committed in Afghanistan. Due to Joe Biden’s wrong policies, Afghanistan has already gone into the grips of Taliban jihadists and other radical Islamic terrorist groups. For the sake of peace in the Middle East, Joe Biden must abandon his crazy idea of granting special favor of Palestinian terrorists as well as jihadist groups in that part of the world.

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