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Enough of this nonsense


Enough of this nonsense

Levi Randolf

World leaders and Europeans in particular, need to wake up and realize that the Muslims calling out the loudest for the creation of a Palestinian State in the West Bank are the same Muslims that are calling for the destruction of Israel. Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and all of the other militant jihadist organizations are all calling for the destruction of Israel, not to mention western civilization as a whole. Do European leaders really want to embrace Islam, persecute Christians, impose Sharia law, and implement theocratic rule in Europe? Apparently some of them do.

Perhaps it is surprising to some, but much of the Arab world isn’t calling for the creation of a Palestinian State. In spite of public comments paying lip service to the Palestinians, Jordan does not support the creation of a Palestinian State. Neither do Saudi Arabia nor Egypt. Many of the gulf states are opposed the creation of a Palestinian State because they rightly fear it will become another jihadist cesspool.

According to their own surveys almost half the Palestinian population don’t even want to be there. Many would leave if they could, but they are held hostage by the terrorists of Hamas and Fatah. Some have been murdered for selling their homes or land and trying to leave. Jordan imposed the death penalty for any West Bank Arab caught selling land to a non Arab. A Fatah cleric issued a Fatwa condemning to death anyone caught committing the grave offense of trying to leave the territory.

Mahmoud Abbas’ rant in January was yet another confirmation that it is a really bad idea to create another Arab State in the West Bank or Gaza. In fact every partition plan beginning with the Peel Commission in 1937 has been one bad idea after another, including the Oslo Accord.

The world has spent enough foreign aid in Palestine to build several countries over the past seventy years but the Palestinians have squandered the money for personal gain or to finance terrorist operations. They have attacked not only Israel, but also the western countries that are providing the aid! Americans and Europeans alike have been murdered by Fatah terrorists, yet the world still gives them money. Why?

Everyone should be able to see that the real goal of the Palestinian leadership in both Fatah and Hamas, is to drive the Jews into the sea. They have said so publicly many times and the majority of the Arab populations support this goal.

Even the Arab claims over Jerusalem are not supported in history or in Islam. Jerusalem is never mentioned in the Koran and the city was still under the control of the Byzantine Empire until several years after Mohamed’s death. The Muslim claims of “holy” sites in Jerusalem are only intended to deny the Jews access to and control over the historical and religious sites that are most sacred to Jews.

The covenants of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and Hamas both claim the entire Palestine Mandate for an Arab State, including all of Jordan and all of Israel. They do not recognize the Hashemite’s as legitimate rulers of Jordan, this is Jordan’s primary reason for not supporting a Palestinian State. The Hashemites also remember Black September. So far, neither organization has shown any intention or willingness to modify their position and have refused to recognize a Jewish State anywhere, particularly in Palestine.

Palestinian leaders have repeatedly said that they will not allow ANY Jews to live in ‘Palestine.’ Will Christians be next on the list? Arab Christians have already been driven out of Nazareth and Bethlehem by the Muslims. How long Christians would be tolerated in a Palestinian State before they were murdered like the Copts in Egypt?

Jewish Ties to the Land

Jews have lived in Judea and Samaria for 3000 years. There is no basis for the claims that Jewish ‘settlements’ are somehow in violation of international law. For a serious discussion on the applicability of international law and the issue of settlements see the two part special report created from excerpts of Eugene V. Rostow’s authoritative 1980 Yale International Law Journal article, “Palestinian Self-Determination: Possible Futures for the Unallocated Parts of the British Mandate.” Professor Eugene V. Rostow (1913-2002) served as dean of Yale Law School, Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, and director of the US Arms Control Agency and he co-authored UN Security Council Resolution 242.

Settlements are also not a real source of the conflict. According to the Palestinians, Tel Aviv is a Jewish settlement. There is little point in trying to discuss these issues with Palestinian Arabs, or even most Europeans. Many Europeans are now so anti semitic that Europe stands on the precipice of another era of Jew hatred that has already been compared to the 1930s. It seems few in Europe have really learned much from their own history. It was Europeans that created many of the problems found in the Middle East today.

British Failure to Establish a Jewish State:

The international community failed miserably in its duty to implement the Palestine Mandate. After having created an Arab State in Jordan, giving 70% of the Mandate to the Arab Hashemites, who were being pushed out of Arabia by the Saudis, the British refused to create a Jewish State west of the Jordan River. Instead, they tried to carve out more territory for the Arabs from what remained of the Mandate, from what should have been the Jewish State.

The Peel Report of 1937, which proposed a second partition of the Mandate was viewed at the time as a failure. Rick Richman in The 80th Anniversary of the Two-State Solution on Mosaic tells the story behind the Peel Report much better than I could. In short, it was a futile attempt to appease the Arabs, who then as now, demanded the complete removal of the Jews. The Arabs immediately rejected the Peel Report as they have rejected every other proposal.

The predicted result has been eighty years of turmoil in the Levant including several full scale wars and constant hostility toward Israel by several states in the region.

Alternative Solutions:

So after eighty years of turmoil, perhaps we should look at alternative solutions. It shouldn’t take much to recognize there is only room for one country in the area between the river and the sea, not two and certainly not three. The Europeans should never have proposed creating more Arab states. Some have said that Jordan is the de facto Arab State for the ‘Palestinians’ and it now seems that is the closest they will ever get to a state of their own. Advocating the creation of new Arab States is counterproductive.

The ‘West Bank’ is an illegitimate territory that came into being as a result of an invasion by Jordan in an attempt to destroy Israel in 1948. The name “West Bank” referred to the West Bank of the Jordan River, controlled by the country of Jordan, which was the aggressor in the war. Israel was the victim. Jordan was created out of the Mandate, and all of the territory east of the River was allocated to Jordan. The land west of the river remained in the Mandate where a Jewish State was to be created. The ’67 ‘borders’ are not legitimate borders, they were only armistice lines resulting from a hostile invasion by Jordan.

From an economic point of view, the West Bank does not have the potential to be viable as a state on its own and much less Gaza. The Arabs have shown little skill in administering the territories and have done almost nothing to improve the lives of the Arabs living there. If the Palestinian Authority were judged as it should be, it must be considered a failure by any reasonable metric. If it were a state or ever became one, it would be another failed state.

Perhaps more importantly there is no history of any ‘Palestinian’ people anywhere. There was never a ‘State of Palestine.’ The Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza are not unique in any way from other Arabs. They are descended from Arabs in the Arabian peninsula or Egypt. Dr. Yale Zussman points out what he calls five objective factors in The Two-State Solution’s Inconvenient Truths. There are other options, but none of them involve another Arab State.

Once we acknowledge that the two state idea is dead, the potential of other solutions can be viewed from a fresh perspective. In fact, several alternative solutions have been proposed over the years, but due to the increasing level of Palestinian hostility and intransigence, the feasibility of some of those options has also diminished over time. So the Palestinians themselves, through their rejection of any solution, have not only killed the two state solution, but several other possible options that would have given them some semblance of a state. Now the list of options has grown short and we are fast approaching a point where there is only one option left, and the Palestinians will have no say in that option.

It is long past time for the civilized world to stand up and tell the West Bank Arabs enough. It is time to say no to another Arab State and especially, no to a ‘Palestinian’ State. There are already twenty-one states in the Arab League. About 40% of those are now failed states. Why should the rest of the world support a call for another Arab State anywhere? Why can’t Arabs be content with twenty-one states? The Jews have only one small state, let them have it.

So We Do this in Stages:

Since the Arabs refuse to accept Israel’s right to exist as the homeland for the Jewish people and continue in their acts of terrorism and the murder of Jews, so we do this in stages. The first stage was to take Jerusalem off the table. President Trump implemented this stage with his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and ordering the US Embassy moved to Jerusalem.

The next two stages should be announcing the end of the ‘two state solution’, to take away the negotiating table. Then end the ‘right of return‘ and the fake refugee issue. Use the money that is being spent on UNRWA to compensate the real refugees outside of Israel. Maybe the houses that the UNRWA has built for them should be their compensation?

Now a serious discussion about alternative solutions should begin, without the Palestinians or the Europeans. Abbas did get one thing right during his rant, the Oslo Accords are dead! It is time for the rest of the world to accept it.

Levi Randolf is a contributor of Blitz.

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