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International Youth Change Maker has huge prospect

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International Youth Change Maker has huge prospect

At present, the International Youth Change Maker is conducting activities in 13 districts of Bangladesh by forming separate teams. District teams are working in their districts to help in disasters, increase public awareness, tree planting, help the poor, distribute Eid gifts to the helpless and improve the lives of street children.

Change for development – the path of the International Youth Change Maker with many such dreams. And the youth will make this change, they are working with that dream. Their spread not only in Bangladesh but in different countries of the world. Changemakers are working to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. They will continue to move forward with the slogan “I will change myself, I will change the world”.

The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) is an UN-mandated global development goal that will not harm any part of the world, improve the quality of life of people and protect the only habitable planet Earth. These 13 sustainable development goals include poverty alleviation, Various development goals such as eliminating food shortages, ensuring good health and education for all, protecting the environment, preventing climate change, keeping every animal’s life safe.

Mr. Sajeeb Khandaker, the founder of International Youth Change Maker, said about their activities, “We are working to solve various problems in the society. We know that only the youth can make the present beautiful and ensure the future. Young people are not just citizens of one country, they are citizens of the world. Therefore, everyone must be united for the overall development of the world. And for that, the youth have to be skilled and we are working to create that efficient and responsible youth society and have transformed ourselves into a youth-friendly organization.”

In 2012, some enterprising volunteers planned to bring about some changes in the society through which the backward communities could be continuously assisted; Through which the basic needs of the helpless people can be met and their due rights can be fulfilled. About half a hundred neglected children celebrate Eid in new clothes.

The work of the organization has not stopped during the time of Corona. With the increase of the Corona outbreak, the organization has been distributing regular food to the extremely poor through an event called “Corona Tackling Youth Action” since 2019. Throughout July 2021, they are distributing about 20,000 masks in 15 districts of Bangladesh.

Dedicated to society, all these volunteers take part in developmental activities like public assistance, shelter, disaster relief, public awareness. This created many volunteers in different parts of the country who expressed their desire to work with the International Youth Change Maker. The members of this committee carry out various social development activities with the volunteers of their respective districts.

Founder Sajeeb Khandaker said, “There is very little space for young people and children in Bangladesh to speak and their rights are very limited. IYCM is a platform where all the youth and children will participate equally and I want to build a new Bangladesh with all the youth and children. We are working with that in mind. I and my members have been volunteering since before the organization was formed.”

At present, the International Youth Change Maker is conducting activities in 13 districts of Bangladesh by forming separate teams. District teams are working in their districts to help in disasters, increase public awareness, tree planting, help the poor, distribute Eid gifts to the helpless and improve the lives of street children.

They also have several projects. Since 2016, the Narayanganj district team has been bearing all the relevant expenses including the education of 60 children, and has been providing all possible support to them.

The activities of International Youth Change Maker are not limited to Bangladesh. They have more than five hundred volunteers working for the society from their respective places in more than seventy countries of the world. The representative of the Dhaka District Committee of International Youth Change Maker in Bangladesh also said that they are going to organize the Child Protection Olympiad very soon and have sent a proposal to UNICEF Bangladesh in this regard.

Labiba Sultana, co-founder of International Youth Change Maker, said, “Women in Bangladesh do not get the opportunity to work in the society except for a few people. We want to build a place where everyone is qualified, everyone can participate in society, there will be no gender inequality and women will break free from traditional prejudices and lead a healthy life. ” “Young people are the symbol of light,” said Rakibul Islam, Country Co-Project Manager at International Youth Change Maker. Young people will be able to change this world one day. We are working to change the thinking and society of the people in the society. I dream of a world where no one will fight with other people. No one will oppress anyone. All people will be free and at peace. We want the whole world to be free of helpless and street children one day. We work for a day when a helpless person will no longer be on the way. We want a pollution-free world. We want a leader in every home who, along with youth, will one day change the whole world.

It is to be noted that ADC, DMP Mr. Iftekhairul Islam, Mr. Pankaj Roy Chowdhury, Former District Child Affairs Officer of Barisal District; Tahmina Parveen, director of Rochas Restaurant Shyamoli;

Bogra correspondent of Maasranga Television Khorshed Alam; Hasibur Rahman Bilu, Bureau Chief of Independent Television, North Bengal Bogra Sadar Health and P. P. Officer, Dr. Samir Hossain Mishu;

Bogra- UNFPA District Officer Masuda Islam; Md. Firoz Alam Sumon, Chairman of Al-Kaderia Limited, and Marina Juthi, Social Worker of Khulna District are involved as an advisor to the International Youth Change Maker. The districts in which IYCM is currently operating are Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Barisal, Sylhet, Dhaka, Rangpur, Mymensingh, Jessore, Nilphamari, Bogra, Kurigram, Narayanganj, Netrokona, Satkhira, Tangail. To make Bangladesh child-youth friendly on the world map through the development of children and youth.

International Youth Change Maker also has a good reputation as a voluntary organization. They are also gaining the honor of representing Bangladesh in various international sessions. IYCM Barisal District Unit Member Rabia Bashari was selected as the best child journalist at the Mina Media Awards. In the same year, IYCM founder Sajeeb Khandaker Junaid participated in a five (5) day youth consultation organized by Planned Parenthood Federation South Asia Regional Office (IPPF SARO) in collaboration with Bangladesh Family Planning Association (FPAB). IYCM represented the youth at the International Climate Conference held in Poland in 2016 and Spain in 2019. The organization recently received the Bangladesh Digital Social Innovation Award.

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Raisa Mehzabeen is a contributor to Blitz and a undergraduate student at the Department of Food and Nutrition, College of Applied Human Science in Bangladesh

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