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It’s not just a media trust issue, its America’s freedom that’s on the line


It’s not just a media trust issue, its America’s freedom that’s on the line

Joseph Farah

Some of you have known me and my work over the last 20+ years, ever since I founded the first independent online news-gathering company back in 1997 –, known more recently as

Drudge and WND literally started it all more than 22 years ago.

WND branched out into book publishing and movie-making over the years, but the focus of our business, which made more than $150 million dollars in revenues, was NEWS – real news, truthful news, professional news – just as I did it for the previous 20 years in the euphemistically called “mainstream media,” working as a journalist in the New York market and running daily newspapers in other major markets like Sacramento and Los Angeles.

For 20 years that experiment became so successful that WND inspired other alternative “New Media” sites like Breitbart, the Daily Caller and others. It was never easy doing what we in the alternative free media had to do. It was always an uphill fight, with lots of opposition. But we can pinpoint the specific month when the crisis of fake news came to a head, when the monopoly power-brokers like Google and Facebook literally declared war on the independent media – indeed, a war on free speech, the free press, even freedom of religion and free elections. That was January 2017.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about real “collusion” – and having nothing to do with Russia. The real crime against America’s most vital institutions of political freedom came from within. The crime is even bigger than the Deep State’s hideous attacks, first on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, and then its ongoing efforts to overthrow the 2016 election. That’s why you haven’t heard much about it. Few in the public have any idea what really happened – and what is still going on.

There’s an old expression going back at least to the Watergate days: “The cover-up is always worse than the crime.”

And that’s what nearly everyone is missing. The cover-up is far, far bigger than almost anyone understands. Yes, it involves rogue actors within the FBI and Justice Department, a failed presidential candidate and the former administration. That’s what we hear about exclusively on Fox News and in the independent media. But, there’s also a powerful unseen hand at work – a cabal of corporate collaborators who not only conspired to rig elections in 2016 and 2018, but are, right now, working furiously on manipulating the results in 2020.

So, who is responsible for the massive cover-up of how freedom in America is under attack?

It’s not just those you think of as the “fake news” media. They could never do it by themselves – even with the hammerlock control they have at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post and virtually the entire “mainstream” news apparatus. They are simply not that persuasive. They can’t fool all of the people even in their wiliest moments. But the powerful unseen hand can, does and did.

I’ve already told you who they are – this cartel that immensely extends the influence of the hopelessly biased media and powerfully influences the political opinions and views of the American people, without most of us ever even knowing.

That’s what Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon and Apple can do that no other force on the planet can do. And it’s because they have all your data – more than the NSA and CIA combined. They have the know how and algorithms to influence, even change, the way you think about virtually everything and to manipulate massive blocks of Americans without their ever suspecting a thing.

Hard to believe?

For me, too. It’s downright scary. But it’s a fact of life that could literally create a quiet revolution, a silent coup, in America as soon as 2020. It has already experienced profound success.

Have you wondered why America is hurtling toward socialism? Have you asked yourself why Americans are embracing speech codes, turning away from freedom at every turn, adopting group-think – all at warp speed? Is your head spinning from the social and political upheaval and division we’re seeing in the USA?

There has never been a force like the combined power of Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon and Apple in the world before – at least not since the Tower of Babel. It would take a book to explain the imminent threat these companies represent to American freedom. They don’t even need to conspire together because they all share a common worldview.

Think about it. They all have one common partner they support with money, credibility and influence – a hateful leftist organization called the Southern Poverty Law Center. If you know anything about this detestable group that routinely smears conservatives, Christians, Republicans and, most of all, Donald Trump, ask yourself this: Is it a coincidence that Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon and Apple all just happened to partner with, confer with, empower and elevate as content cops the radicals at the SPLC? It would seem to defy chance. But it illustrates my point that these pampered, elite, monopoly corporations all have a common agenda – radicalizing America from inside out.

I know this is quite a story. It may even sound a little crazy, paranoid, like some conspiracy theory. But I am convinced this may be the biggest imminent threat to America’s freedom our nation faces. There are others talking about it, reporting on it, but it’s simply not on the radar of our leaders in Washington who need to act decisively.

I’ve done the best I can to raise this issue since January 2017. That’s the date I realized everything had changed. It’s the date this cartel started targeting individuals, organizations and companies that were perceived as helping Trump win the 2016 election.

That election’s outcome was a shocker for the leftist Big Tech Machine, just as it was for the Deep State. They decided they could never let that happen again. But while the Deep State has been exposed, at least in part, the Big Tech Machine has not. And that’s why it is as dangerous as ever.

As I said, everything changed for the independent media beginning in January 2017. It was like a category 5 hurricane that hit WND and the entire independent media. That’s clearly when Google-Facebook declared open warfare on us, going after our traffic, our advertising and our reputations. You’ve heard how they have gone after conservatives, Christians, Republicans and, most of all, anyone who has defended Trump or treated him fairly.

Two years of Google-Facebook’s scorched-earth campaign against us has taken an unbelievable toll.

Since January 2017, our revenues are down a staggering 500 percent!

That’s why we have been forced to take radical action just to survive.

Google-Facebook, which together controls 80 percent of the digital advertising market, is out to destroy WND and the rest of the independent media. And they will – unless our supporters and subscribers surround us in prayer and sustain us with financial contributions immediately and for the long term. This is not a short-term crisis. Google-Facebook have made it close to impossible for companies like WND to survive in the online world they control.

Yet, ironically, our voice is needed more than ever in a world caving and capitulating to these power brokers.

Here’s how you can help us keep up this fight for free speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, free elections and a free America.

Inform yourself! That starts by seeing “The Creepy Line,” a brilliant documentary on the crisis we face. I was not involved in the making of this movie, but I swear by it. I cannot recommend it highly enough. And I want you to know I derive no financial benefit from anyone for recommending it. I just know it is the best informational tool we have at this time to spread the word. So, please see it – and spread it! Unfortunately, the only way you can it is through Amazon and Apple – they control everything. But some of your money will support the courageous filmmakers who made it.

Pray for WND and the rest of the independent media. We’ve worked very hard over the last 22 years to redeem a small slice of the media for you. Today, all that work is threatened. We are fighting for our survival like never before. One of the differences you will recognize within the independent media is that we have a soul and heart for God. We know He is in control and that He responds to the cries of His children. Please cry for us, America. Cry for your country!

Help us survive to fight another day. Your faithful financial contributions since 2017 have made the difference. We have cut expenses as much as we can. We have stopped publishing new books. We have stopped making news films. All we can do is focus on our core business – bring you the news and perspective you can’t get anywhere else. Please give as generously as you can. Monthly donations help tremendously. We thank you and bless you for whatever you can do.

We recently launched WND News Center, a non-profit corporation to which you can make tax-deductible donations in any amount. Soon we will launch a donation website, but, for now, you can send checks to WND News Center, 2020 Pennsylvania Ave NW #351, Washington, DC 20006. Be sure to make your check out to “WND News Center” for the tax deduction.

Can we win? We have no choice but to fight back. The stakes are high. Our backs are against the wall. But, we believe, with your help and the blessing of God, we cannot lose.

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