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Joe Biden is the newer version of Jimmy Carter

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Joe Biden is the newer version of Jimmy Carter

Commenting on the presidency of Joe Biden, experts of US political affairs said, it seems as if Jimmy Carter years have returned with a vengeance. Inflation is soaring. So, too, is the number of murders in the US. Oil prices are climbing as President Biden strikes at the heart of American energy independence, all the while giving the green light for Vladimir Putin to tie western Europe to a Russian gas pipeline.

Robert Wilkie, former secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs and undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness and a vising fellow in The Heritage Foundation’s Center for National Defense said: High school yearbooks are filled with the idyls of youth—football games, proms, and notes from best friends forever. My 1980 high school yearbook was no different except for one picture.  

The photography club snapped a shot of a massive billboard opposite the entrance to the home post of the 82nd Airborne Division. The message was the crowning glory of the Jimmy Carter years—IRAN, LET OUR PEOPLE GO. That is what we had become, a nation reduced to begging Tehran’s theocratic fanatics to release U.S. diplomats and soldiers. 

In the 1970s, the world assumed that the United States was on an inevitable decline riven by problems at home and indecisiveness abroad. The crime was out of control. Oil prices had tripled, and gas lines were everywhere. Americans learned a new word: stagflation.  

The defense budget tanked; there was no fuel for vehicles and no money for training. Overseas, the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, and Cuban proxies were rampaging through southern Africa. Meanwhile, Jimmy Carter apologized on behalf of America. Some academics assessed as they do now that America had entered the Thucydides trap. In this trap, America played the role of Athens and the Soviet Union played the role of Sparta. 

Then-Senator Joe Biden cut his political teeth in this decade of disco and “malaise.” He was on the wrong side of history then and was well on his way to being, as former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said years later, “wrong about every major national security issue for 40 years.”

It is a small wonder, that the Carter years have returned with a vengeance. Inflation is soaring. So, too, is the number of murders. Oil prices are climbing as the president strikes at the heart of American energy independence, all the while giving the green light for Putin to tie western Europe to a Russian gas pipeline.

Under Biden’s presidency, America is fumbling opportunities to cooperate with its allies. Recently, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was sent to Asian countries to reassure America’s allies with memories of Obama-era indifference towards the Pacific region that President Joe Biden is cut from a different cloth. Yet even as Austin offered these assurances, the Biden administration was proposing a flat defense budget, one insufficient even to maintain purchasing power.

Policymakers in Washington are desperately looking for preventing China from establishing dominance in the Pacific region.

In the Middle East, where Arab nations in 2020 buried age-old animosities towards the State of Israel so as to stand together against the terror-patron regime in Iran, Biden’s administration has thrown-away progress encapsulated by the Abraham Accords, which was initiated by President Donald Trump and America has returned to Obama-era’s practice of appeasing Iran and its terrorist proxies, including Houthis, Hezbollah and Hamas.

There is also signs of Biden administration’s shifting of policy of European affairs. While Trump administration succeeded in halting Russia’s aggression in Ukraine by providing Kiev with weapons able to destroy Vladimir Putin’s tanks, helicopters and places, the Biden-Harris administration has unilaterally choked off the flow of military supplies to Ukraine in the hope of seeing similar reciprocation from Moscow. But, taking advantage of Biden-Harris administration’s newer policy of Ukraine, Russian President Putin has moved thousands of troops to the border opposite Ukraine and continues to wage war on the cyber commons.

Even Biden-Harris administration has left London flabbergasted as Biden could not comprehend that Northern Ireland was a constituent part of the United Kingdom, not a province of the Irish Republic.

America’s another ally, Canada too is affected by wrong policies of Joe Biden and Canadians already are reeling from the loss of thousands of oil and gas jobs as the US relinquished its energy partnership through an executive order signed by Biden. Even the president of France is seeing Joe Biden’s presidency as a threat to the very soul of the French nation.

What does that mean?

Under Biden-Harris administration, America is on a very dangerous path. Even the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has recently asked the United Nations Human Rights Council, a forum for world thuggery, to investigate racism in America. What does that mean? Biden wants to label the US as a country affected by racism?

In April, Biden’s ambassador to the United Nations, Laura Thomas-Greenfield, embarrassed the United States by denouncing her own nation before the UN Human Rights Council, declaring that “the original sin of slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents and principles”.

According to analysts, current occupant of the White House is gradually pushing America towards the fate of a chaotic and may be a failed state. A section of Americans was expressing extreme madness during the presidency of Donald Trump. But they possibly did not realize, Biden and his entire team would ultimately destroy America’s greatness. Americans are already held captive into the whims of socialists and Islamists as well as corrupts in the Democratic Party. The only hope for them is to vote-out Democrats from the Senate and Congress and 2022 and from the White House in 2023. This is the only option!

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