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Millions of public dollars misappropriated by Skerrit regime in Dominica


Millions of public dollars misappropriated by Skerrit regime in Dominica

Venkatesh Gupta

Just two years back, Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit publicly endorsed of having almost 150 million dollars, which his government had collected for the construction of an airport development. But, suddenly, almost the entire amount has vanished and now only around 250,000 dollars are remaining in the airport project. What Skerrit has done with hundreds of millions of dollars? Although he said, the amount was spent to meet “national needs after hurricane Maria”, the reality is something else. Corrupt Skerrit, with the collaboration of his band of looters, has smuggled-out the fund into his offshore accounts as well as his shadow businesses operated by various individuals in a number of countries.

On June 29th 2017, the government of Dominica established a fund at the National Bank of Dominica (NBD) to facilitate monthly deposits of US 5 million dollars or EC13 million from the controversial Citizenship By Investment (CBI) revenues, to finance the construction of the international airport.

According to Prime Minister Skerrit, “With our monthly savings, the balance in that fund as of June 30th 2018 was EC 149 million, four hundred and twenty-nine thousand five hundred dollars. The balance in that fund as of September 30th 2020 was two hundred and thirty-nine dollars and sixty-nine cents.”

He said that the Government of Dominica subsequently received a pledge of support for the construction of the international airport from the Government of the People’s Republic of China, and therefore, proceeded to diversify the use of most of the funds to respond to national needs emanating from the destruction of Hurricane Maria.

“These included construction of homes and repairs of homes and as you know, Mr. Speaker, many people did not have insurance, and some were underinsured and received less than what they would have expected from the insurance companies and therefore, they all required government support,” Skerrit said.

Skerrit having stake in the Chinese project

According to credible sources, Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has entered into a secret deal with the Chinese construction company, which has been assigned with the contract for building the airport, and Mr. Skerrit will be receiving a huge sum of “kick-back” from the Chinese company during and after the implementation of the project. China is interested in investing hugely in Dominica with the goal of bringing its economic wheels under Chinese dominance. In other words, Dominica will become one of the Chinese-owned slave nations in the future. Chinese citizens will flood into Dominica, which will ultimately turn the Dominican into a minority populace.

A significant portion of the fund collected from the Citizenship By Investment (CBI) project has also been used in the name of feasibility studies. This study though had been done by an American company, it is also learned that Skerrit had taken a part of the fees paid for the project study process, and the amount had been secretly deposited into his foreign bank accounts.

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