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New book of Hillary Clinton is political assassination via thriller

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New book of Hillary Clinton is political assassination via thriller

New book of Hillary Clinton, State of Terror, which is co-authored by novelist Louise Perry and Hillary is summarized by the Washington Post as the “first time a major presidential candidate has conducted a political assassination via a thriller”.

In a review, Andrew Stiles in the Washington Free Beacon wrote: The book portrays an American political establishment overseen by largely incompetent men, a “vast right-wing conspiracy” trying to overthrow democracy at home and international terrorists out to devastate the world.

Andrew Stiles denigrates the book as “Trump derangement porn”.

The book centers around the incomparable heroics of Ellen Adams, a media tycoon who becomes secretary of state under President Douglas Williams, a political rival.

Stiles sums up the domestic villain of the piece as “Eric Dunn, aka ‘Eric the Dumb’, the racist tyrant currently sulking at his Palm Beach estate after failing to collude successfully to steal another election. His breath ‘smelled of meat’”.

Adams finds a “vast right-wing conspiracy” of disaffected violent pseudo-patriots who “hate America’s diversity.” In the book, this group forces “Eric the Dumb” into scuttling the Iran nuclear agreement, withdrawing American forces from Afghanistan and releasing a notorious arms dealer from house arrest in Pakistan.

Adams, of course, defeats everyone and everything.

Christopher Mosely, writing on NBC stated, “Clinton’s new book is just the most recent example of a powerful leader who has exercised the privilege to tweak and prune her own history with a subversiveness via fiction not otherwise enjoyed on the paid lecture and earned media circuit”.

“Global political figures have always had many tools and deep resources at their disposal to craft their personal image and deploy PR rehabilitation strategies in the face of a drop in public regard. While there is precedent for politicians dabbling in both literature and art, the hypervisibility of the contemporary era allows for these hobbies to become another tool in the approval-ratings arsenal, cheapening both them and their mediums”, Christopher Mosely wrote.

Noting that “Clinton’s book also seems to serve as further therapy to remove the sting of her 2016 loss to Donald Trump”, Mosely ruminated on “how much these projects are driven by wanting to set the record straight — as they see it — by those who have had to read what everyone else thinks about them for so long.”

In closing, he wonders why such things as “State of Terror” should even exist.

“Is it fair to mass-produce the vanity projects of political figures, whether or not they are currently in power? Has the planet not endured enough news and material consequences of their collective policies, good or bad, beneficial or not? Why must the reading public also become pawns in the hybrid fantasies of the powers who move them at will?”

New York Times in its commentary on the book said, “The plot in “State of Terror” is ambitious and apocalyptic. Nothing less than the future of the world is at stake. As the novel begins, Ellen Adams, the former proprietor of an international media empire, has been improbably appointed U.S. secretary of state by Douglas Williams, the condescending president whose candidacy she had opposed. Exhausted and disheveled after flying back overnight from a disastrous trip to South Korea, she arrives late for Williams’s State of the Union address”.

Mark Lawson wrote in British newspaper The Guardian: “Having failed to follow Bill Clinton in the line of American presidents, former US secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton matches one of her husband’s retirement projects: a co-written political thriller. State of Terror – written with Louise Penny, author of the Inspector Gamache crime series set in Francophone Canada – follows Bill Clinton and James Patterson’s The President Is Missing (2018) and The President’s Daughter (2021).

Readers are bound to look for revelations that for reasons of discretion or state secrecy were omitted from the politicians’ autobiographies. Bill (and James) created fictional President Jonathan Duncan; Hillary (and Louise) conjure fictional secretary of state Ellen Adams, her surname shared with a family that did provide two US presidents.

Whether through collusion or coincidence, the only American spouses ever to run for the presidency both distance their literary avatars through a homicide pact. President Duncan is a widower; Secretary Adams twice widowed.

“Even so, it is almost impossible not to superimpose the respective Clinton. In State of Terror, such parallels are further encouraged by the America presented. The US has recently been ruled by “delusional” Republican President Eric Dunn (his first name shared with one of Donald Trump’s sons), who was nicknamed “President Dumb” while running an administration of “near-criminal incompetence” that became “increasingly deranged”. The worst thing done by Dunn is to have “pulled out of a nuclear accord with Iran”, as Trump did. In Rodham Clinton and Penny’s efficiently suspenseful scenario, Dunn’s dumbness has increased the possibility of terrorist groups buying or stealing nuclear weapons and using them against the US”.

Encouraging publication of the latest novel, Mark Lawson wrote: “The Clintons will surely be fascinating to future biographers and historians, who may find at least as many revelations in the couple’s fictions as in their memoirs. Bill and James have already released a sequel, and I hope that Hillary and Louise also do. For all the attempted distancing, the reality of high American politics feels tensely, sweatily close”.

Evening Standard in its review said: “Clinton’s inside knowledge is clearly the draw here in a book that rests on the instability of geo-politics and America’ s less certain place as the global policeman. The State Department is “the Harry S. Truman building, still called Foggy Bottom by longtime denizens, maybe even with affection”. I can’t begin to figure out why that sentence got past the book’s editors – and my guess is that no one dared tell the Secretary of State that not ever insider observation is golden.

“As a wave of terror attacks haunt London (Piccadilly features heavily in US thrillers about London), Paris and Frankfurt, Ellen considers “the unthinkable” which has been pretty thinkable frankly since page one – namely that the president is somehow colluding or turning a blind eye for raison d’etat.

“This demands international co-operation with international figures like Britain’s Prime Minister Bellington, “his hair askew as ever”, immensely popular with the right-wing of his party and the Conservative voting public”. His raddled charm is “replaced by entitlement in random Latin phrases” I have literally no idea who the authors might be thinking of”.

Hillary Clinton is going to make hundreds of millions of dollars by selling her latest thriller novel. This should not be a matter of concern to anyone. The most important side of publishing this book, which already is termed as an attempt of political assassination via a thriller is – Hillary Clinton certainly is getting refueled for emerging as the top Democratic Party challenger to Kamala Harris during the 2024 presidential elections. Yeah, why haven’t I mentioned Joe Biden? The answer is simple. By 2024, Biden won’t actually be fit to rerun for the presidency due to his existing health issues along side his inability of doing to day-to-day job of a president. In that case, why the Democrats would nominate a dumb like Kamala Harris? Well, the only reason is – they actually are suffering from candidate crisis. They really have very limited choice – either Kamala Harris or Hillary Clinton. Meaning, they have to pick up either of the bad or the worse. In the meantime, for the Republicans, 2024 presidential election is a grand opportunity. They have Donald Trump or some of the Trumps as the favorite runners.

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