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Rozina Islam turns into pawn of conspirators

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Rozina Islam turns into pawn of conspirators

Rozina Islam clearly has become a pawn of the nexus of conspirators and anti-Bangladesh elements. She may not even know how some notorious individuals were using her in sabotaging Bangladesh government’s sincerest efforts in procuring vaccines from China and Russia when the country was badly in need of it to handle the challenges posed by COVID pandemic. As Serum Institute suddenly became unable to continue supply of vaccines to Bangladesh, the government had to rush to alternative sources. But, political opponents of the ruling Awami League were desperately trying to further worsen the vaccine crisis by sabotaging Bangladesh’s efforts in signing purchase agreements with China and Russia. Those political opponents and Pakistani spy agency Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) were ready to spend any amount in somehow sabotaging Bangladesh government’s efforts of procuring vaccines. In this heinous conspiracy, Rozina Islam became just a pawn of those rogue nexus of conspirators and anti- Awami League forces.

According to media reports, an evil nexus of ant-government elements comprising Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Jamaat-e-Islami, Hefazat-e-Islam, Hizbut Tahrir, Ansar Al Islam and other militancy outfits always see their best allies in two controversial newspapers, owned by a dubious business conglomerate. Several months ago, those newspapers and BNP-Jamaat were seen making frantic bids in putting Awami League government into trouble by capitalizing a bogus documentary aired by terror-broadcast network Al Jazeera. At that time, majority of the newspapers in Bangladesh either were trying to wrongly give credit to Al Jazeera’s bogus venture, while those pro-government media were maintaining silence. But, being a responsible newspaper, Blitz did not follow such rogue path. We had strongly confronted Al Jazeera’s conspicuous efforts and finally people in the world had realized the vicious conspiracy of this terror-broadcast network. We did not do this at the request or advice of anyone. Instead, our own conscious had forced us in defending Bangladesh and the government against the evil conspiracy of our enemies.

While two large media houses in Bangladesh are desperately pushing their anti-government agenda by using the recent case of Rozina Islam, several individuals, including a scandalous Nobel laureate is spending busy hours in corresponding with his contacts within the Democratic Party and House of Clintons, along side few of his acquaintances in the Capitol Hill with the request of exerting pressure on Bangladesh government using Rozina case as an excuse. Simultaneously, BNP’s convicted and fugitive leader Tarique Rahman is busy in coordinating his own people in the US and other western nations, including Britain in spreading false propaganda against Awami League government with the dangerous agenda of giving a bad name to Bangladesh.

At Tarique’s instruction, Towhidul Islam alias Ashiq Islam (former deputy press secretary of Khaleda Zia during her premiership) and Mushfiq Fazal Ansari along with Mahmudur Rahman, acting editor of Amar Desh are working day and night in tarnishing the image of Awami League government internationally. Mushfiq runs a news portal named ‘Just News’ from the US and has succeeded in getting access inside the White House and the United Nations with the identity of a journalist. He and Ashiq are spending lavishly towards throwing party for American and western journalists on a regular basis. This racket also is reportedly entertaining some western journalists with females from Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt, Ukraine, Iran and even India.

According to a credible source, since November last year, Tarique Rahman has suddenly expedited his efforts in pursuing the western media against Awami League government by spending millions of dollars. Several businessmen from Bangladesh as well as Pakistani spy agency are providing fund for this project.

While BNP and anti-Awami League nexus are actively pushing forward their agendas in multi fronts, press sections of Bangladesh missions in the western countries are seen sitting idle or inactive for reasons best known to them.

At home, the Awami League government is also concerned by ongoing massive cyber propaganda of Hefazat-e-Islam and other militancy outfits as well as thousands of members of BNP and Jamaat. Most surprisingly, a large number of pro-Awami League editor and journalists even are seen joining hands with the political opponents of the ruling party of anti-Bangladesh conspirators on the issue of Rozina Islam. Most of those editors and journalists were considered as allies of the ruling party for years. Now, after witnessing their recent activities and behaviors, hopefully Awami League will distant itself from these opportunists.

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1 Comment

  1. Yamin Khan

    May 25, 2021 at 13:59

    it is high time to uproot the Islamic fanatism and terrorism from Bangladesh. Free thinkers should march forward to end terrorism.

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