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The darlings of Sheikh Fadi Abu Shkhaydam, Hamas and terrorists

Sheikh Fadi Abu Shkhaydam, Shkhaydam, Jerusalem, Hamas, Chain Gate, Western Wall, Old City of Jerusalem


The darlings of Sheikh Fadi Abu Shkhaydam, Hamas and terrorists

Sheikh Fadi Abu Shkhaydam is the terrorist who carried out the shooting attack in the Old City of Jerusalem on Sunday morning. Described by his friends and acquaintances as an “Islamic scholar,” the 42-year-old Abu Shkhaydam was a well-known mosque preacher in east Jerusalem mosques, including the al-Aqsa Mosque. Others referred to him as a “senior Hamas official in Jerusalem”. Although it is yet to be clear whether this beast held an official position with mega-terror outfit Hamas, it is already clear that this beast was affiliated with Hamas and regularly expressed views similar to those of the Gaza-based terrorist group.

Authorities have identified the victim in Sunday’s deadly terrorist shooting attack in the Old City of Jerusalem as Eliyahu David Kay, a new immigrant to Israel from South Africa.

Kay, an employee of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, working as a tour guide in the Old City. He was engaged to be married.

A native of Johannesburg, Kay had studied at Rabbinical College of Australia and New Zealand.

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation and the chief rabbi of the Western Wall, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, eulogized Kay in a statement Sunday afternoon, saying that Eliyahu would give all those who visited the Western Wall plaza a warm welcome and did his work with dedication and loyalty.

Sunday’s attack left three other people wounded, one of them in moderate-to-serious condition, with two others lightly wounded.

The attack occurred near the Chain Gate, near the Western Wall.

The terrorist was shot and eliminated by security forces on the scene.

After being wounded in the attack, Kay was rushed to Hadassah Medical Center on Mount Scopus, where he was later pronounced dead.

A preliminarily investigation into the attack found that the terrorist opened fire with a submachine gun. A knife was also found on the terrorist’s person.

Police believe that another terrorist may have been involved in the attack, and that he escaped the scene.

The IDF English language official Twitter account reported on the fatal Jerusalem terror attack, emphasizing the connection to the Hamas terror organization.

“A Hamas terrorist opened fire in the Old City of Jerusalem this morning, murdering a civilian”, the Tweet read.

“Soon after”, the IDF noted, “Hamas distributed sweets to Palestinians in Gaza and praised the “heroic” terrorist”.

“Hamas is a terrorist organization that promotes violence and must be condemned”, the Tweet summarized.

The terrorist Abu Shkhaydam was known for his daily presence at the al-Aqsa Mosque compound, where he used to deliver sermons and lead protests against tours by Jewish groups.

He was not, however, affiliated with the Jordanian-controlled Waqf Department, which administers the Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem.

In addition, he was known as a prominent and influential figure in Shu’fat Refugee Camp, where he helped solve disputes between local families and individuals.

Terrorist Abu Shkhaydam, a father of five, was born in Shu’fat Refugee Camp, the only camp located within the boundaries of the Jerusalem Municipality. The camp is run by the United Nations Relief and Work Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), although it is located under Israeli sovereignty.

Most of the original residents of the camp, located between Jerusalem’s French Hill and Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhoods, came from the Old City of Jerusalem before the 1967 Six Day War.

The residents of the camp, including the terrorist Abu Shkhaydam family, hold Israeli-issued ID cards in their capacity as permanent residents of Jerusalem. Permanent residents of Israel are entitled to all the rights of an Israeli citizen, except for voting in the general elections.

The unfortunate and alarming fact is, they are nevertheless entitled to vote and present their candidacy in the municipal elections, although most Arab residents of Jerusalem have been boycotting the municipal elections since 1968 on the pretext that participation in the vote would be seen as recognition of Israel’s decision to annex east Jerusalem.

Terrorist Abu Shkhaydam’s friends referred to him as a “mourabit” (garrison soldier or defender of a faith) because of his activities to prevent Jews from visiting the Temple Mount.

It is believed that more than 1000 men and women have been recruited by various Islamic groups to “defend” the al-Aqsa Mosque against alleged attempts by Israel to “change the status quo” by allocating prayer space for Jews at the Temple Mount.

In 2015, Israel outlawed the mourabitoun (plural for male mourabit) and mourabitat (plural for female mourabita).

Despite the ban, dozens of men and women, including terrorist Abu Shkhaydam, continued to arrive at the Temple Mount almost every day to harass and shout at Jews who enter the area under police protection.

Terrorist Abu Shkhaydam worked as a teacher of Islamic Education at al-Rashidiya Secondary School across the street from Herod’s Gate. The school operates under the supervision of the Jerusalem Municipality.

In videos that surfaced on social media platforms after the terrorist attack, terrorist Abu Shkhaydam is seen chanting slogans at the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in which he pledges to defend the site from any “aggression”. In other videos, he is seen praising Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prisons and urging Muslims to fight against their “oppressors”.

In a recent sermon during Friday prayers, terrorist Abu Shkhaydam lashed out at the Arab countries and heads of state, dubbing them “prostitutes” because of their alleged “collusion” with Israel and “betrayal” of the Palestinians. But he was delighted and even distributed sweets when Biden administration started working in opening US consulate in East Jerusalem and signaled of letting PA reopen its office in the Washington DC. Terrorist Abu Shkhaydam was also extremely supportive of Iran and Qatar, two terror-patron nations, and he would cheer every time Yemeni Houthis has fired a missile targeting Saudi soil.

The latest case of terrorist attack in Israel clearly proves, Palestinians are not in favor of seeing peace in that part of the world. Instead they want to continue and further spread terrorism deep inside the Jewish State and beyond. If the Middle Eastern nations want to get rid of terrorism, they must immediately normalize relations with Israel. At the same time, the US and the western nations should adopt immediate policies of imposing harsher sanctions on the Palestinians and their cohorts. Unless it is done forthwith, the world will continue to witness the nasty fangs of radical Islamic terrorists.

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