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Three questions to answer on Palestinians!


Three questions to answer on Palestinians!

Peter Baum

Can any readers name  a Palestinian  leader be it a King, Queen, Prince ,  Princess, pauper or  person or any Fellastinian  (as per their Arabic translated name definition)  female or  fellow spanning the period 3000 BC  to 1948 AD – some 4948 years . Given that according to today’s Palestinians and their supporters who say they are the indigenous people of Palestine, there must be hundreds of individuals throughout history. And all I am asking for is just one…yes just one indigenous Palestinian or Fellastinian .

Some of the answers may attempt  to catch me out by naming the Nazi loving Grand Mufti of Jerusalem as being one  indigenous family but this will fail the test  as research verifies that the family came from the Saudi  / Iraq borders..
A second part of this quiz is a little more difficult and centered around any battles or wars fought by the Palestinians (or Fellastinians) during the same period against any foreign invaders – Crusaders, Romans, Kurds or Ottomans. As the Palestinians believe that Jerusalem is their third most important city it would be reasonable to expect them to have fought   for it when it was previously  conquered and not waited until the creation of Israel in 1948.

My research cannot identify one such historical episode but I am biased. Therefore please do your own research and assist in finding the name of just  one battle or war fought by the Palestinians (or Fellastinians) against any enemy in this 4948 year period.

Today’s indigenous Palestinians inform us that in 1948 700,000 of them were forced to leave their homes which they had lived in since time immemorial. 70 years later the number of Palestinian refugees now numbers a figure approaching seven million. If these numbers are correct (and please bear in mind that these very same indigenous Palestinians believe the Zionists have perpetrated a genocide against them) then human reproductive records have been blown apart. Given that the Palestinians reckon that up to 1948 there were 700,000 of them, what was in their diet in the following 70 years to increase their population by a multiple of TEN !!! ??? As examples if the British or Americans reproduced at a similar rate the population of London and New York would currently be circa 80 million and 90 million respectively. And those are genocide free !! So my question is which figure is false:
a) the 700,000 1948 figure
b) the 7 million 2018 figure or
c ) both a) and b ) above

Lastly, I discovered something quite extraordinary about the Islamic relationship to Jerusalem.
If Jerusalem is supposedly the third most important city to Islam , how many Islamic Heads of State visited Jerusalem during the period 1948 to 1967 when it was under Jordanian Islamic control –
a) 0 – 10
b) 11 – 99
c ) 100 +

The answer is NIL…ZERO. Not one Islamic Head of State visited Jerusalem when it was under Jordanian control. Moreover, the Hashemite diluted Jerusalem’s importance by moving ALL Government Offices that were in Jerusalem when  under the British Administration to Amman. This even included the Ministry for Religious Affairs.
The , political and military opponents of Israel have created a narrative that is continuously gaining credibility. The narrative goes something like this.

The Palestinians have had a presence in the geographical areas called Israel, Gaza and the West Bank since time immemorial. The Zionists have stolen their land and displaced the Palestinians.
If this is true the questions I’ve raised should be very easy to answer.

1. From the year beginning 3000 BCE until 1948 AD ) can you provide the name of one , I repeat one, Palestinian (or Fellastinian) King, Queen , Prince, Princess, President, Prime Minister, Sultan, Imam , Leader, Soldier, Conqueror , Poet Writer, Traveler, Astronomer, Astrologer, Physician , Pedophile , Farmer or any historical figure?

2. Can you name any battle or war fought by Palestinians (or Fellestinians) during the period 3000 BCE to 1948 AD against invaders such as the Ottomans, the Crusaders, the Byzantines, the Romans or any other historical conquering party?

3. How can the Palestinians have increased their population from 700,000 in 1948 to nearly 7 million in 2018 having suffered genocide during that period?

My guess is – that even for the most devoted and obsessed pro Palestinian and / or anti Israeli, anti Zionist, or anti Semitic reader out there, you will find it impossible to answer those three simple questions. However, if the narrative of Israel’s opponents is correct, there should be numerous answers.

Peter Baum is a regular contributor of Blitz. He can be reached at Twitter and Facebook.

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