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Venezuelan minister considers Iran as home

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Venezuelan minister considers Iran as home

Ruthless fascist and socialist thug Nicholas Maduro’s Venezuela has always been a front-ranking appeaser and cohort of terrorists entities, including radical Islamic jihadist groups. According to media reports, Venezuela has already turned into safe haven of the notorious members of jihadist outfits, including Hezbollah, Islamic State and Al Qaeda. Nicholas Maduro and few members of his rogue administration are directly connected to transnational drug trafficking run by Hezbollah as well as notorious crime don Dawood Ibrahim’s infamous D-Company. Venezuela has also been an active collaborator of the Iranian regime. As gesture of gratitude to Maduro, Iran has been steadily assisting the Venezuelan fascist in making cash from its oil refineries, defying international sanctions. In December 2020, Iran had defied US sanctions and sent the biggest-ever fleet of oil tankers to Venezuela.

According to a report published in the Miami Herald, Iranian proxy Hezbollah has found a comfortable home in Venezuela, wherefrom it has been continuing global terrorism.

The Miami Herald report said: Democratic nations cannot continue to ignore Maduro’s growing ties with the Iranian regime and terrorist groups such as Hezbollah, whose dangerous military and geostrategic implications are more than evident. Iran, which insists on exporting its revolution and has Latin America on its radar, intends to build military bases on Venezuelan soil. And Europe should pay attention to Colombian President Iván Duque warning: Maduro is trying to buy missiles through Iran.

Unfortunately, far too many Western leaders are not paying attention. They not only remain clueless as to the expansionary nature of the Islamic regime of Iran, but they continue to implement policies — foreign and domestic — which aid and abet the jihad. They do this by way of their ignorance of the jihad’s motives, goals, and ideological foundations, and by maintaining open-borders policies such that anyone can enter easily, including loyalists of the Iranian regime. They also aid the jihad by engaging in a renewed nuclear deal that will see over $100 billion flow into Iran; money it will use for its jihad.

Iran and its proxies have found a friend in Venezuela as Maduro also aspires to expand his regime’s influence. With respect to Latin America, Maduro is now mulling over a proposal to supply natural gas to Mexico, which saw disruptions to its supplies from Texas. By befriending Mexico, not only will Maduro, but also Iran and Hizballah, look to Mexico as a means to enter the US, particularly given Biden’s lax immigration policy.

According to Iranian news agency, minister of Tourism of Venezuela, Alí Padrón Paredes has traveled to Iran to participate in the opening ceremony of the Tehran International Tourism and Handicrafts Exhibition.

“We consider Iran as our home. Iran is our friend, fortunately, there are good relations between Iran and Venezuela”, said the Venezuelan Minister upon his arrival to Tehran.

Maduro lets Venezuela become another Iran

Venezuelan fascist Nicholas Maduro is letting his country turn into another launchpad of global terrorism – similarly as Iran. His government has also been secretly working in establishing defense cooperation with Iran and allow Tehran in secretly sending arms, ammunition, explosives and even missiles to Venezuela, which would later go into the possession of Hezbollah and other radical Islamic terrorist groups. Undoubtedly, these items will be used in targeting the US and western nations as well as Israeli establishments and Jews. Moreover, one of the key missions of Iran will be to attack Saudi interests in various nations through Tehran new collaborator – Nicholas Maduro and Venezuela.

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