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Wave of bad news keeps coming towards a sinking Joe Biden

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Wave of bad news keeps coming towards a sinking Joe Biden

Joe Biden with a sinking approval rating and series of failures is in real trouble. Wave of bad news keeps coming for him, whether it’s the Omicron variant, gang robberies of luxury stores, or the jobs report. But it seems, either Biden is unable to realize his fast-decline in approval ratings or a totally devastated political career. His “running mate” Kamala Harris also is in the shame shoes.

It was a weary Joe Biden who addressed the White House press corps on Friday. “It’s just a cold”, he declared before stating “I’m tested every day, a COVID test”. It was his toddler grandson who had kissed and infected him.

Political pundits are already asking – can Biden hit the comeback trail? Or is his presidency stillborn? Is he the new Jimmy Carter—or even worse?

Biden’s presidency has been an accumulation of setbacks, centered around his inability to master the pandemic. His defenders point to the refractory nature of the red states, arguing that Republican politicians are deliberately priming him for failure by blaming him, on the one hand for the pandemic, and rendering it impossible, on the other, to solve it. When it comes to this crisis, Biden is not fully master of his fate.

Some of the Democratic Party pundits still are hopeful about the fate of Joe Biden. In their opinion, “Another arena where Biden can hope for electoral sustenance is in the infighting among congressional Republicans. Right now, House Republicans are quarreling with each other over Islam and abortion—specifically, Nancy Mace (R-SC) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). Greene referred to Mace as the “trash in the GOP conference” and “pro-abort.” This was apparently because Mace supports exceptions for abortions in cases of rape or incest. Mace responded with three emojis symbolizing bat, poop, and a clown. Biden can only hope that House Republicans maintain this high standard of decorum during their public colloquies.

But, in my opinion, Joe Biden and his entire administration have been committing blunder after blunder. They are unable to take any effective measures whenever there is a crisis to handle. We have seen how his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan has not only resulted in wave of refugees towards the US and the western nations, Biden has failed to evacuate hundreds of Americans who still are in the Taliban controlled country.

Joe Biden has also miserably failed in addressing the economic challenges especially posed by the pandemic. Due to such failures, American economy is in trouble with people suffering from inflation and unemployment. And most importantly, there are signs of Democratic Party losing majority both in the Congress and Senate. Meaning, until 2024, Joe Biden will have to face series of hurdles and he may not be able to run the country at whims following the 2022 midterm elections.

Much before the 2024 presidential election, Joe Biden will be drowned into deep water – with many more new challenges and crisis. He cannot handle these issues. Possibly Joe Biden is going to be remembered by the American voters as the most disgraceful and unfit presidents in the history of the US. That is my prediction.

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