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Acute food crisis devastates Iranians

Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis, Iran


Acute food crisis devastates Iranians

While acute food crisis has been worsening the daily lives of the Iranian people, its mullah regime has been spending hundreds of millions of dollars towards funding terrorist groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis and others. The ongoing food crisis has turned extremely acute. According to media reports, store owners in Tehran said that chicken scraps and organs including its wings, feet, heart, liver, gizzard and even its bones have become scarce. Due to the increase in inflation, demands for chicken scraps and organs, rather than chicken meat, have grown.

State-run Tejarat News website reported, Mehdi Yusefkhani, the Head of Tehran’s Bird and Fish Traders Union said the production of poultry has declined making chicken scraps and organs scarcer.


“At some point, the government banned the splitting the chicken into parts, and at the same time chicken bones became scarce in the market,” Yusefkhani added.

“The price of chicks and chicken fillets have increased; so, the demand for chicken bones or gizzards are growing,” the Head of the Bird and Fish Traders Union added.


Store owners say even chicken skin is being bought by impoverished Iranians. However, Yusefkhani ruled out the use of skin for food and said it only had industrial applications including in cosmetic and oil manufacturing.

In the past months, there have been numerous reports on poultry scarcity, and Iranians have to wait hours long lines to buy government subsidized poultry.


Other reports indicate that poultry farmers are shutting down their farms, saying production costs are more than their revenue and that they are not allowed to raise their selling price.

New figures published by Iran’s Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade for the last Persian year show that the price of basic goods including foods such as poultry, fruits, beans, rice, and cooking oil have doubled or quadrupled.


According to official figures published in October, half of Iran’s population live in absolute poverty.

The current poverty line in Iran is 10 million tomans (around $418), while the absolute poverty line is 6.8 million tomans (around $285), which puts 50% of the Iranian population under the line of “absolute poverty”.

Iranian workers, pensioners and employed and unemployed teachers hold almost daily protests across the country to demand higher wages, jobs, or their unpaid salaries. They say their current wages are not enough and that they cannot support their families or put food on the table.

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