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“ALL JEWS MUST DIE”, Raise the Curtain, Please!


“ALL JEWS MUST DIE”, Raise the Curtain, Please!

Valerie Sobel

Now, where have we heard this before? …Spanish Inquisitors? Hitler? Stalin? KKK? Latest Palestinian Jihadist?

Hardly. What we heard, saw, felt yesterday was the horror of the last 1000 years of recent history. But for technical accuracy, let’s point out that Jews have been the subjects of murder en masse since public executions pre and during the time of Christ. Yes, Christ was all but one Jew out of hundreds of thousands executed by the Romans on wooden crosses. Romans, although most enthusiastic, were hardly the only pagans to inflict massacre on the Jewish faith, but who’s got time. What came after the crosses of Jewish oppression was miles more horrific.

As inconvenient as it is to concern ourselves with ancient history and read through long narratives of unpleasant content, I do hope a few of us have the elementary curiosity and heart to learn where that kind of anti-Semitic hatred had its start. To assert that yesterday was a quintessential Neo-Nazi or a KKK occurrence is a manifestation of flagrant ignorance and convenient camouflage of world’s religiously-rooted cancer.

Sadly the below historical timeline is uncharted territory for most Jews, as well.

Without further ado….”All Jews Must Die”, the best-selling play of all time, raise the curtain, please!


1017 – Pope Benedict VIII decreed the beheading of Jews of Rome

1020 – Pope Benedict VIII edicts the burning of Jew of Rome

1066 – Spanish Jews exterminated on a mass scale.

1096 – 1st Christian Crusade: more than 12,000 Jews living along the Reine, Germany, killed

1096 – crusaders slaughter ALL Jews of Prague

1146 – 2nd Christian Crusade: Jewish communities of Germany and France brutally slaughtered

1171 – Jewish citizens of Blois, France burnt alive.

1189 – Beginning of 3rd Crusade : Jews slaughtered across England

1209 – all Jews of Bezier, France massacred.

1221 – an entire Jewish neighbourhood of Erfurt France annihilated, along with all reminder of Jewish life.

1241 – Frankfurt Ghetto rampaged, all Jews killed

1247 – all Jews living in Valreas, France killed.

1265 – Sinzig (Germany) Jews – all murdered. Women, children, men.

1270 – Entire Jewish population of Weissenburg, Bavaria, hung.

1278 – 300 Prominent leaders or England’s Jewish communities hung. Publically hung.

1283 – Slaughter of Jews throughout Germany.

1285 – All Jews of Munich, Germany, burned alive in synagogues.

1287 – Slaughter of Jews in most German cities along the Rhine River .

1288 – Bonn: 104 Jews killed

1289 – 13 Jews murdered in Troyes France.

1290 – Forced exodus (expulsion) of ALL Jews of England.

1298 –   146 Jewish communities in Southern Germany and Austria are eliminated. 20,000 Jewish souls perish.

1321 – 5000 Jews murdered in southern France, all Jews belonging to Shinon community burned alive.

1328 – 5000 Jewish lives taken in Navarre, France. Brutally slaughtered.

1332 – Uberlingen Jews burned alive in Germany.

1337 – Entire Jewish population of Deggendorf, Bavaria, murdered.

1348 – 1,000,000 Jews slaughtered throughout Europe. Entire Jewish population of Lindau, Horbranz, Esslingen, Augsburg, Kalmar, Nuremberg, and Reutlingen wiped out.

1349 – 2000 Jews publically burned alive in Strasburg, Germany.

1391 – 5000 Jewish families murdered in Seville, Spain.

1391 – 20,000 Jews burned alive in the beginning of the horrific Spanish Inquisition against the Jews.

1391 – 200 Jews burned alive in the Enz area of Germany.

1404 – Entire Jewish population of Salzburg, Austria burned alive.

1421 – 212 Jews burned alive in Vienna.

1483 – 30,000 burned alive in a public square as part of the Spanish Inquisition

1494 – Thousand upon thousands of Jewish women burned alive as part of the Witch Hunt across Europe.

1501 – Jews burned alive in Toledo, Spain.

1504 – All religious/orthodox Jews living in Moscow are hung.

1506 –   2000-4000 Jews killed in Lisbon, Portugal.

1510 – 38 Jews are tortured and subsequently killed in Berlin.

1574 – 897 Jews publically burned in Mexico.

1614 – An entire Jewish neighborhood of Frankfurt is exterminated.

1648 – 12,000 Jews brutally killed by Bohdan Khmelnytsky, the Zaporozhian Cossacks, in Russian and Ukraine.

1648 – 400,000 Jews savagely murdered by Cossacks in Poland.

1650 – 200,000 Jews savagely murdered by Cossacks in Russia.

1679 – Until 1692 (3 years). Thousands upon thousands of Jews are burned alive in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

1680 – 86 Jews are publically burned alive in Madrid, Spain.

1704 – Until 1769 (65 years!) Portugal purges itself of its entire Jewish Population.

1734 – 20,000 Jews murdered by Ukranian Gaidamak Cossaks in Poland.

1818 – Countless Jews are rounded up for slaughter in Wurzburg, Bavaria. 400 people miraculously survive but are exiled.

1821 – 1st Ukranian Porgrom in Odessa, Ukraine. First of many. The bloody pogrom set a precedent for other pogroms in many cities of Russia and Ukraine.


Prior to WW1, 100,000 Jews perish in vehemently anti-Semitic
Ukraine and Russia as a result of pogroms and other purges against the Jews.

1826 – The last of the Spanish Inquisition which began in the 15th century. Countless Jews are dead, as result.


1858 – Thousands of Jews lose their life in a series of pogroms throughout Russia.

1859 – Until 1871 A relentless series of Ukranian pogroms in Odessa.

1864 – Jews of Morocco are criminalized and murdered.

1867 – In Romania, the beginning of Jewish persecution and brutal murder.

1881 – Kiev, Ukraine: 792 Jews are killed.

1881 – Yelisavetgrad, Russia: a decree issued to signal pogrom riots which brought upon the Jews incalculable affliction and misery.

1882 – Pogrom with countelss loss of Jewish life in Balta, Odessian region of Ukraine.

1883 – Pogrom in Rostov-on-Don, Russia.

1892 – Pogrom in Lodz, Poland.

1903 – Pogrom in Gomel, Belorussia and Kishinev, Moldova-Russia.

1905 – “The Black Hundreds” Pogrom savagery in 700 cities throughout Russia and Ukraine. Brutal killing of Jews.

1917-1921    30,000 Jewish men, women and children massacred in more than 1200 locations throughout Ukraine and Russia by pogroms.

1917 – In Kalush, Ukraine, and former German colony Galicia (today Ukraine), Russian soldiers rape thousands of Jewish and Polish women and butcher them in half. Literally.


1919 – In Proskurov, Ukraine, in mere 3.5 hours, at least 1,500 Jews were murdered, up to 1,700 by other estimates, with more than 1,000 wounded including women, children and the old. The massacre was carried out by Symon Petliura’s soldiers of Ivan Samosenko. They were ordered to save the ammunition in the process and use only lances and bayonets. One of the most horrendous Ukranian mass murders of Jews in recent memory.

1919 – Until 1921 Ukranian National Army commits more than 100 pogroms during which dozens of thousands of Jews perish.


1929 – In Hebron, Palestine: All Jews were monstrously massacred after a massive sadistic rape of Jewish women. Only a dozen or so survived.

From 1936-1939 Almost 500 Jewish men, women and children lost their life at the hands of Palestinian Arabs.

1933 – 1945 At least 6 million (More like 8 Million) documented Jewish lives perish in German concentration camps and ghettos throughout Germany. At least 1.5 Million are children under the age of 14.


October 27th, 2018: 11 people are executed in an American Synagogue…

…Pales by comparison, n’est-ce pas?  Nevertheless, it is the bite of that same immortal serpent of anti-Semitic vermin that has afflicted the human condition since the beginning of time.

It is a dark irony, then, that Christianity, itself, bears the primary responsibility for historic antisemitism. Few ideas can have been as poisonous as, and inspired more murderousness than, the idea that Jews were the Christ killers.

Hitler and Robert Bowers are not anomalies, they’re the logical descendants of conscious and long-established anti-Semitism flowing through our veins since the time of Abraham. Owning up to this universal truth would be the first step to possible eradication of oldest religious hate in the world. But I’m not holding my breath.

Valerie Sobel is a contributor of Blitz.

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1 Comment

  1. garykatzjokesrgood4u

    October 29, 2018 at 00:14

    Is it a mental disease which infects humanity, or a spiritual one?

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