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Americans finally start feeling concerned about inflation

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Americans finally start feeling concerned about inflation

More than 94 percent of Americans, majority of whom are registered voters of Democratic Party are now feeling extremely concerned about the future of the country amid inflation, growing rate of unemployment influx of illegal migrants, border crisis and gas shortage.

Months before the November midterm elections, a new survey found a stunning high percentage of Americans who voices at least some concern about runaway inflation, growing rate of unemployment, influx of illegal migrants, border crisis with most of them certain that Democrats are not up to the task of fixing these issues.

According to the poll of more than one thousand adults conducted by The Washington Post and ABC News between April 24-28, fully 94 percent of respondents said they were either “upset” or “concerned” about the impact of skyrocketing prices on their households. Another survey said, majority of Americans think Joe Biden and Democratic Party are playing Ukraine card as the prime tool of saving a possible catastrophic result during the November midterm elections. They said, the way Biden is desperately intensifying his efforts in saving Vladimir Zelensky and Ukrainian neo-Nazis, this war would soon turn into a direct confrontation between Washington and Moscow, where America’s chances of winning are meagre.

Detailing the polls, The Daily Wire notes:

The poll asked respondents: “Thinking about the current rate of inflation, meaning rising prices – is this something you are upset about, concerned about but not upset, or not concerned about?” Some 44% of adults said they were “upset” about inflation. Another 50% said they were “concerned but not upset,” and just 6% said they were not concerned.

The poll also asked respondents their opinion of how President Joe Biden was handling his job as president. Biden’s overall approval was underwater by 10 points: 42% of voters approved of Biden’s job, while 52% disapproved. Broken down by intensity, Americans had much stronger negative feelings about Biden than positive. Respondents who approved of Biden were evenly split: 21% strongly approved of Biden’s job, while 21% somewhat approved. Respondents who disapproved were much more intense: 42% of respondents strongly disapproved, while just 10% somewhat disapproved.

Joe Biden’s approval for a range of other issues also was substantially lower. While he got good number for his handling of the pandemics – 51 percent approved while 43 percent disapproved – he was nevertheless underwater on every other issue.

Some people also questioned Joe Biden’s statements centering the pandemics – including vaccine and musk issues, where he has been proved wrong of his early opinion where it was repeatedly stated that once majority of the people were vaccinated, Americans would be able to return to normal life. But the fact is just opposite. Despite the fact that the United Kingdom has already lifted mask mandate, Americans are yet to see any such hope even in the distant future. The pandemics issue may even further complicate with hundreds and thousands of illegal migrants entering the US, majority of whom are unvaccinated.

As to Joe Biden’s handling of Ukraine war, 42 percent of the people approved it while majority of them – 47 percent thinks, Joe Biden has failed in handling the issue.

Only 41 percent approved of Biden’s job regarding job creation versus 46 percent who disapproved; on the overall handling of the economy, only 38 percent of respondents gave Biden a positive review but 57 percent did not; on inflation generally, 28 percent approved of the president while a staggering 68 percent disapproved.

“The poll also asked respondents which party they trusted more on key issues, finding that Republicans had double-digit leads in trust on several key issues. On the economy, 50 percent of Americans said they trusted the Republican Party more, compared to 36 percent of people who said they trusted the Democratic Party more,” The Daily Wire continued, citing the survey.

“A plurality of Americans, 47 percent, said they trusted Republicans more on crime, while 35 percent said they trusted Democrats more. Americans trusted Republicans to handle inflation specifically, by a massive 19-point margin: 50 percent of respondents favored Republicans to handle the issues, while just 31 percent favored Democrats. Americans also slightly favored Republicans on immigration, with 43 percent of adults favoring Republicans and 40 percent favoring Democrats”, the outlet continued.

Biden’s job approval ratings, and those of Vice President Kamala Harris, have been cratering for months as economic and inflationary pressures continue to rise throughout the country. Gas prices remain high but the price of diesel fuel is even higher and the latter significantly impacts the cost of transporting goods to market, which in turn causes manufacturers and retailers to raise prices in order to compensate.

In fact, late last month a separate survey indicated that Biden’s approval is so bad it’s possible he may not win his party’s nomination to run again in 2024.

As reported by the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard in his “Secrets” column, “stuck with an unpopular president and a weak replacement bench, Democratic voters appear to be throwing their hands up in frustration when it comes to who they would like as their 2024 nominee”.

Bedard cited a new I&I/TIPP survey showing that just 29 percent of respondents picked Biden, while tied for second place with Harris was “Not Sure”.

Mind you, Bedard reminded readers, “that’s Biden’s base.” If Republicans and Independents are tossed into the mix, Biden drops to 19 percent in the national survey, and is handily beaten by “Not Sure” with 28 percent.

“Put another way, 81 percent of Americans don’t want Biden to run again”, I&I (Issues & Insights) noted, adding:

Specifically, other names on the list included (in declining order of preference) Vice President Kamala Harris (7 percent), Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (6 percent), former First Lady Michelle Obama (6 percent), former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton (4 percent), former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (3 percent), and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg (3 percent).

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

An internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning anti-militancy journalist, research-scholar, counter-terrorism specialist, and editor of Blitz. Follow him on Twitter Salah_Shoaib

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