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Anti-Bangladesh propaganda centering Rohingya issue

Washington Post, Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, ARSA, Caliphate


Anti-Bangladesh propaganda centering Rohingya issue

Centering Rohingya issue, Bangladesh most certainly is going to face false propaganda in the international media. When Rohingya militancy group Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) is gradually increasing its number of fighters, both male and female, with the vicious agenda of proclaiming caliphate, American newspaper the Washington Post on July 7, 2021 has published a disturbing opinion editorial titled ‘Bangladesh is supposed to be a host to the Rohingya refugees, not their jailer’.

The writer of this article, an individual named Shafiur Rahman, claims to be a documentary film maker working on Rohingya issues. But he actually is a propagandist for Islamic State and Caliphate for whom the Washington Post has become a propaganda vessel. In the above-mentioned article, Shafiur Rahman and Washington Post have provided link to a website named Khilafah, that promotes establishment of Caliphate. The article linked in the Washington Post is a propaganda material filled with vicious lies against the Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Bangladesh. The ulterior motive that Washington Post and Shafiur Rahman and more precisely the militancy groups that back him is to pressurize the Bangladeshi government and establish a Caliphate in Bangladesh, one of fastest growing economies in the world. The article in the Khilafah also says:


“Unfortunately, the subservient rulers of the Muslim world devotedly serve the imperial West as they should serve Allah. For this reason, they do not release their army in the time of the Ummah’s dire need, but send this very army to UN Peace Keeping Missions to protect strategic, political and economic interests of the West. “

This proves that Washington Post is now serving the Islamic State and pro-Caliphate powers instead of supporting the United States. This should come off as no surprise because this is the same news outlet which supported Jamal Khashoggi, a Muslim Brotherhood member and another member of the pro-Caliphate cohort.


It has also been known that this individual named Shafiur Rahman is connected with militancy group Hizbut Tahrir. Now by linking all the evidences together, it seems like that Washington Post has not only become a safe platform for spreading vile, sometimes implicit, pro-militancy content, but the news outlet is also patronizing militancy. That is why it has now turned its gaze towards the Rohingya refugee crisis where a potential for the rise of a major terrorist network looms.

It needs to be mentioned here that Bangladesh did not take in the Rohingya refugees willingly. After the Myanmar government forced the Rohingya population out of Arakan, Bangladesh had to open its borders solely on humanitarian grounds, but it should be no surprise to Washington Post nor to anybody else that for a developing nation like Bangladesh hosting more than million refugees is not something the country can afford without hesitation. However, the Washington Post seems to ignore this and instead let pro-Caliphate writers post articles on their newspaper which clearly serve the motive of nobody but militancy groups. However, when the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) is using the Rohingya refugees to organize a terrorist platform in Bangladesh with the ulterior motive of establishing a caliphate in Bangladesh, the Washington Post remains conspicuously silent. But would Joe Biden let ISIS or Al Qaeda members enter in large groups into the United States?


However, it is easier to scapegoat a nation like Bangladesh, especially when Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken an unprecedented stand against Islamic militancy. That is why, militancy groups are being frantic about spewing vile propaganda against Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Washington Post, and in fact many other news outlets even in the West, are ironically patronizing these militancy outfits whose ultimate goal is the obliteration of the West.

This vicious propaganda against the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina should be countered by the press section of the Bangladeshi government, because if a false propaganda is allowed to propagate without any hindrance for too long, eventually people start taking these lies for ‘gospel truth’. At the same time, Bangladeshi Intelligence Agencies should also start investigating this individual named Shafiur Rahman, more specifically the people behind this man whose writing pattern and agenda align very well with the notion of the pro-Caliphate Khilafah website.

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