Biden administration moves bill to gauge freedom of speech

When Biden administration talks about freedom of speech in other countries, they are breaking all previous records by emerging as the champion suppressor of freedom of expression. When Biden administration touts about free and fair election in other countries, they have already been caught as the champion election riggers. When Biden administration talks about democracy in other countries, they are already known to the world as worse form of autocracies.

Hard-left Biden regime made frantic bids last year to silence dissidents with its notorious Disinformation Governance Board, and as that attempt fell flat, a new bill is being introduced in Washington state, which would establish a mini- Disinformation Governance Board which would criminalize speech that oppose the Leftist establishment’s misdeeds. Although such a board would be in violation of America’s First Amendment, Liv Finne, director for education at the Washington Police Center told Fox News: “This bill will create a two-tiered justice system where some people have free speech and others don’t, and that is a dangerous path for us to be set upon”.

According to media, this sinister bill is based on the recommendations of a 2022 report about how to prevent “domestic terrorism” from the office of Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson. In the report, Ferguson claims that “domestic violent extremism encompasses various forms of extremist and political violence like threats, coercion, and intimidation, online disinformation, extremist recruitment and government infiltration efforts, and the general spread of extreme white supremacism and anti-government ideologies”.

The implication of this bill is clear: what Ferguson and his cronies consider to be “online disinformation” must be shut down so as to stop “domestic violent extremism”. As the judgment of what constitutes “disinformation” will be left to Washington state’s far-Left authorities, this will inevitably translate to the forcible silencing of voices that oppose those of the Left. In plain words, this will silence critics of Joe Biden, his administration, members of his crime family, and the Democrats.

The report makes this even clearer when it calls for “innovative thinking on community-based efforts to prevent domestic terrorism and inoculate against disinformation”. State funds are to be used to carry out this “inoculation” so that when a luckless Washingtonian happens upon the writing of some patriot, he or she or anyone will recognize it immediately as that “disinformation” that the good and selfless state authorities have been warning about and turn away from it without a second thought.

Liv Finne makes the agenda clear: “It’s obvious that this is targeting certain groups in our society without basis. Speech is not violence. Violence is violence. To equate the two is outrageous and wrong”. Yes, but equating conservative speech with violence is one of the foremost strategies of the contemporary Left. The report and bill in Washington state is a prototype of what Leftists would like to roll out all over the country and impose on a federal level as well.

The First Amendment constitutes a formidable obstacle to their plans but only as long as there remain five Supreme Court Justices to uphold it and not nuance it away. Already Leftists parrot the claim that “hate speech is not free speech”, a neat propaganda slogan that has no basis in either logic or law but which makes it clear that more assaults on the First Amendment are in the offing.

Even after taking synchronized steps of pushing the United States towards a ruthless dictatorship, Joe Biden and his cronies are trying to teach every nation in the world – the values of democracy, free-fair election and freedom of speech. And, America is still enjoying such privilege because it has succeeded in planting a concept into minds of everyone in the world who think, United States is a super power – massively rich and militarily strongest despite the fact – America’s economy is sinking, it has growing number of people heading towards acute poverty – its military strength is nothing in comparing to an unified military strength of Russia, China and India.

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