Black lives should matter – but they don’t


Peter Baum

I suspect all readers will be as bewildered and exasperated as I if they carefully review this link identifying those conflicts resulting in genocides which have gone totally unreported. The data is just one year old and is therefore considered current for the purposes of this investigation.

Global conflicts vary in intensity and organizations such as the United Nations should distinguish between them to determine the amount of time and effort devoted to each accordingly.

Now just because a conflict officially ceases the legacy of that conflict continues for decades thereafter. The human conditions and realities of such events leaves tragedy , serious injuries, lack of facilities for health, food, education, poverty, crime , abandoned and orphaned children,  physical and psychological trauma and scores of  consequential other issues .

A cursory review of the list during the last three decades with the highest casualty figures occurred in Africa and by any definitive calculation are GENOCIDES (capitals intended).

An incomplete, tabular listing is necessary in order to understand the enormity of the horrors and thereafter to indicate the contempt, inertia , professional incompetence , ignorance and bigotry our elected politicians and global media have for Black Lives. Or Black deaths.

Second Congo War                    5.4 million deaths

Second Sudanese War                2.0 million deaths

Ethiopian Civil War                     1.0 million deaths

Angolan Civil War                       0.5 million deaths

Somali Civil War                          0.5 million deaths

Burundian Civil War                    0.3 million deaths

Darfur War                                  0.3 million deaths

Ugandan Bush War                     0.8 million deaths

Sierra Leone Civil War                 0.3 million deaths

Kivu and Ituru War                     0.25 million deaths

How absurd therefore is the United Nations, where in terms of the number of deaths during a similar period the Israel – Arab conflict would not even appear in the above list and yet as per this link no less than nine anti Jewish State Resolutions were adopted by the UN on November 16th 2018 and zero against the Rest of the World. This operational process has been in place for the last three decades and so you can now see that Black Lives Really Do Not Matter to the United Nations.

Apparently only Palestinian Lives Matter!

Just a selection of the above conflicts in Africa during the last fifteen years totals 11.4 million Black African deaths. Let me repeats – the above just represents a selection of conflicts fought in the African Continent resulting in 11.4 million human lives and probably four times as many horrific casualties. And all Black lives.

I believe I have an intelligent readership so let me ask each and everyone of you this. Can you name the President, Prime Minister or Tribal leader of any one of those conflicts indicated above? I would be staggered if you had the answer to one let alone more than one. Thus what does this tell us about the world in which we live and the politicians and media that serve us. More importantly what does it tell us about ourselves and humanity? Given that twenty five years ago the world’s political elite was transfixed on a country on the same continent, South Africa which implemented racial segregation and media saturation coverage was inundating our screens, how did we not notice eight genocides one hundred or so miles north of South Africa. I’ll tell you why. Racism is fashionable to cover; tribalism is not irrespective of the ethnicity of those affected. Black lives only matter when the perpetrators are white.

How is it possible that our politicians who are so quick to speak out rightly against inequality and racism, have remained silent during these genocides and never followed up on the tragic legacies. Even more exasperating and perplexing , how is it that our global ”liberal” media such as CNN and the BBC have let GENOCIDES go unreported and yet allow  two hundred and forty thousand hours , I repeat 240,000 hours of prime news media coverage on a Palestinian teenager slapping an Israeli soldier. This defies belief and reality and validates Donald Trump’s accusation of the media being FAKE NEWS.

My interpretation of fake news is the time given to issues that are unimportant but embarrass and highlight a Government disliked by the media when more important issues go unreported as a result of the agenda of the broadcasting network. And this is replicated within our inner cities. Let me elaborate on a microcosm of the above geopolitical issues and direct you to a domestic scenario which has similar consequences.

In the UK a black teenager Stephen Lawrence was murdered in a racially motivated attack by white teenagers. That was twenty five years ago and our UK media constantly refer to this killing in order to give credibility to their assumptions that the United Kingdom is racist. Since this obscene episode there have been numerous other racist murders but none that I can recall being white on black. Black on white, Asian on white, certainly black on black and Asian on black but not white on black. I do not know the names of any of those victims. Only the name Stephen Lawrence is identified as an example of racism within UK society. Please let me know your thoughts as to why those other victims of racial murders don’t warrant the same publicity as the one I am alluding to. What makes the death of a white boy killed by a black or Asian gang in a racially motivated attack unworthy of reporting? Or the death of a black teenager by Asian gangs.

Only when the perpetrator is white and the victim non white does our press believes such an outrage should be given saturation coverage.

The Black African Slave Trade:

This link is just one of scores exposing human indecency and ignored not only by the Theater of the Absurd, the United Nations but politicians and media alike. It is an abomination that black slavery in the modern era is totally accepted by those so vociferously against racism. Arab Caucasians from North African Islamic countries are the modern day slave masters using indigenous Black Africans as their human cargo.

The BBC has had no reports, no debates, no journalists protesting to Parliamentarians, no questioning of Civil Rights Groups, no exposure to the ongoing barbarity and no interviewing of Black people of profile.

How is it possible that saturation coverage is given to Universities defacing historical memorials to those 18th, 19th and 20th Century individuals tenuously or purposely connected to ‘ the evils of colonialism ‘ and yet absolutely no protests from any section of the political establishment regarding Arab / Islamic slavers.

I ask you, could you imagine if the Arabs were Israelis………..or better still Zionists. There would be worldwide outrage.

History will judge those with the power to influence. History will identify the UN politicians and the professionally incompetent, intellectually retarded cowards that call themselves journalists and history will ensure the children and grandchildren of these useless imbeciles will be ashamed of their fathers and grandfathers.

I am bewildered, frustrated and angered at those with influence in politics and media who remain silent. Silence is assent.

In conclusion I have verified that if atrocities are committed on blacks by Arabs or other blacks, then Black Lives really do not matter to the world media or the United Nations. Moreover by the lack of protests neither to the matter to the Black Lives Matter organizations!!!

Peter Baum is a Contributor of Blitz.

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