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Can Iranian protesters oust the mullah regime?

Mahsa Amini, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Iranian


Can Iranian protesters oust the mullah regime?

Ever-since radical Islamic mullah Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini captured power in Iran by giving people the false hope of rule of law under his leadership, Iranian people has been living in real hellfire as the entire country has gone under the ruthless and monstrous rule of thuggish mullahs and religious bigots. Now most possibly Iranians are waking-up with their utmost commitment of ousting these mullah thugs from power and liberate the country by establishing secularist democracy in the country.

The outrage over the beating death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini for her improperly wearing her hijab represents “the first big show of opposition on Iran’s streets since authorities crushed protests against a rise in gasoline prices in 2019”, according to Reuters. Revolution beckons.

Commenting on Iran issue, columnist Christine Douglass-Williams wrote in the Jihad Watch:

One would hope that America, which the Iranian mullahs regard as Iran’s chief enemy — the Great Satan — would increase sanctions upon this regime which abuses women, murders dissidents, and destabilizes regional security, not to mention international security, given its far-reaching proxies.

Hezbollah’s external operations group, known as Unit 910, is reported to be “even more active in Canada than they were in the United States”.

So what have Joe Biden’s handlers done? They announced “sanctions on Iran’s morality police” in response to Amini’s murder. Whatever that means. Biden’s handlers instead should be sanctioning the regime as a whole, and decisively rejecting the prospect of another disastrous Iran deal.

According to Gabriel Noronha, who served as Special Advisor for Iran in the US State Department in 2019-2020, the Iran deal will mean a cash windfall for the regime, with “US$90 billion in access to foreign exchange reserves, and then a further US$50- 55 billion in extra revenue each year from higher oil and petrochemical exports, with no restrictions on how or where the money can be spent. Personally, the most troubling transfer of funds will be the US$7 billion ransom payment the United States is preparing to pay for the release of four Americans from an Iranian jail.” All this is reminiscent of the US$33.6 billion in secret payments facilitated by Obama administration.

Iran is well on its way to completing a nuclear bomb (if not already there) while the sanctioning of the morality police only make it appear to the world as if the Biden administration was doing something, a tired old strategy of the Left. How much does the Biden administration really care about women’s rights in Iran? Biden’s outrageous ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom, Rashad Hussain, slammed India for not allowing Muslim women the so-called “right” to wear a hijab, stating: “The Indian state of Karnataka should not determine permissibility of religious clothing. Hijab bans in schools violate religious freedom and stigmatize and marginalize women and girls”.

In her article, Christine Douglass Williams has made a false statement centering hijab, where she wrote:

The hijab is a paramount expression of women’s inferiority and ownership by men according to the Sharia. It is commanded in the Quran that women be fully covered save for their eyes, lest she be “abused” (Quran 24:31, 33:59 – And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and guard their chastity, and not to reveal their adornments except what normally appears. Let them draw their veils over their chests, and not reveal their ˹hidden˺ adornments except to their husbands, their fathers, their fathers-in-law, their sons, their stepsons, their brothers, their brothers’ sons or sisters’ sons, their fellow women, those ˹bondwomen˺ in their possession, male attendants with no desire, or children who are still unaware of womens nakedness. Let them not stomp their feet, drawing attention to their hidden adornments. Turn to Allah in repentance all together, O believers, so that you may be successful).

The hijab is a paramount expression of women’s inferiority and ownership by men according to the Sharia. It is commanded in the Quran that women be fully covered save for their eyes, lest she be “abused”. Female coverings have no place in free countries, especially full coverings such as the burqa and niqab, for obvious security reasons. A coalition of Iranian dissidents, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, “who are challenging the regime of President Ebrahim Raisi, should have a seat at the UN to counter the government’s lies and support of terrorism,” according to pro-democracy activist Dr. Ramesh Sepehrrad.

In a case of one fool makes many, Justin Trudeau followed suit and also sanctioned Iran’s morality police. Canada’s notoriously incompetent Foreign Minister Melanie Joly promised an explanation in “due course.” In 2016, a year after Trudeau came to power, Liberal Montreal mayor Denis Coderre quietly traveled to Iran, where he signed a groundbreaking agreement with the terrorist-funding rogue regime to “boost mutual cooperation in various fields”. That same year, a big celebration for Hijab Solidarity Day took place “under the auspices of the City of Ottawa”. Woke hypocrisy and manipulation of “diversity” is breathtaking.

The people of Iran, particularly the dissidents who risk their lives to advocate for real freedoms, know better. So far, in the wake of Amini’s murder, at least 41 people have died. Iran now finds itself unable to control anti-regime protests which have spread like wildfire far beyond the borders of Iran, while the regime’s judiciary now warns of “decisive action without leniency”.

Despite a growing death toll and a fierce crackdown by authorities, videos posted on Twitter showed demonstrators calling for the fall of the clerical establishment while clashing with security forces in Tehran, Tabriz, Karaj, Qom, Yazd and many other Iranian cities.

The out-of-control protests have the Iranian regime lashing out at foreign governments.  Iran’s “Butcher of Baghdad” President Ebrahim Raisi stated:

“We will not allow people’s security to be put at risk under any circumstances” and stressed that Iran’s “enemies wanted to exploit the unrest”. We hope the disastrous Iran deal will not be concluded as Iran grapples with the unrest and a growing threat of revolution; it would amount to Biden bailing out the regime.

For the pro-democracy forces in Iran, especially the women, it is important for them to note, Joe Biden or any of those Western leaders are not going to take any effective steps against Iran or its regime’s cruelty on the people. We have seen in the past how Joe Biden has almost patronized Iranian proxy Houthis in Yemen by removing it from the terrorist designation. Similarly, Biden will continue romancing Iranian mullahs – openly or secretly and allow Iran to finally emerge as a nuclear nation. Policymakers in the White House as well as the US Capitol willing to use a nuclear Iran as an effective tool of frightening the Middle Eastern nations, particularly Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE and continue extracting billions of dollars by selling over-priced weapons. While a nuclear Iran will become biggest headache to Israel as well, policymakers in Washington are not going to bother at all, as they must implement secret agenda of increasing prospects of selling military hardware to the Middle Eastern nations at an exorbitant price, thus serving the purpose of American weapon industry.

Meaning, Biden is rather eagerly waiting for Iran’s open declaration as a nuclear nation, although it is assumed by many that Tehran has already build nuclear bombs.

Under such adversity for Iran’s pro-democracy forces, what would be the ultimate consequence? Can they finally oust the mullah regime and liberate Iran from the evil clutches of these thugs? In my opinion, liberating Iran from the mullahs is a mission impossible. In fact, any nation embracing such rules will enter the blackhole of cruelty and unimaginable sufferings almost forever. So, before any other nation in the world indulges into madness of Islamic rule or Sharia rule should look into the sufferings of Iranian people. Secularist and or democratic nations in the world need to take lesson from Iran and initiate immediate measures in crushing the bases of radical Islam – for example Tablighi Jamaat, madrassas and religion-based organizations without wasting time.

While Iranians will suffer indefinitely under cruel and thuggish mullah regime, a number of Western nations, including the United States, Britain, France, Italy and Germany are already widening scope for radical Islam to continue spreading thus paving the path to Islamization. Radical Islam is spreading like bonfire in the Western countries, and unfortunately leaders of those nations are not willing to stop this. While women in the Western nations are increasingly putting on burqa, hijab, and niqab, Muslim males in those countries also are increasingly becoming addicted to wearing galabia (an ankle-length shirt) and abaya, which is considered by them as sign of Islamic conquest in the West.

An internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning anti-militancy journalist, research-scholar, counter-terrorism specialist, and editor of Blitz. Follow him on Twitter Salah_Shoaib

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