China-Bangladesh relations deepening further with the spirit of eternal friendship

Sohail Choudhury

Just a few days ago, Chinese President Xi Jin Ping called Bangladesh Prime Minister over the phone and proposed to send an expert team to help Bangladesh effectively combat the ongoing challenges posed by coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, it was reported in the media that the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) is ready to support the ruling Bangladesh Awami League in combating the coronavirus pandemic.

Chinese Communist Party, which has ruled China since 1949 has also expressed its willingness to make the Dhaka North City Corporation as well as some other major city corporations in the country as ‘sister cities’ to tackle the upcoming challenges.

It may be mentioned here that, a sister city is a broad-based, long-term partnership between two communities in two countries. The relations is officially recognized after the highest elected or appointed officials from both countries sign an agreement. Meaning, China and Bangladesh will be entering a new vista of corporation and friendship.

Regarding the meeting, Dr Shammi Ahmed, International Affairs Secretary of the Awami League, said: “International Liaison Department of CPC leaders told us they are ready to support Bangladesh to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“Chinese leaders and experts of Wuhan city shared their Covid-19 experience with us. They are ready to provide medical support to Bangladesh to fight the pandemic,” she added.

According to insider sources, the CPC expressed its desire to build sister cities in Bangladesh and wanted to make those cities as developed as some Chinese cities.

“If the sister-city proposal is approved, China will give all kinds of technical and financial support to combat the Covid-19 epidemic, dengue outbreak, and similar problems in those areas,” a top official present at the discussion told the media.

In my personal opinion, Bangladesh needs to take China’s cooperation and technical assistance in developing the cities not only to combat the current challenges posed by coronavirus, but it must also continue in the future. As Bangladesh already is a partner in China’s Bridge and Roads Initiatives (BRI) project, and we do hope, this partnership will immensely benefit both the countries, especially the implementation of BRI will connect Bangladesh with the Asian nations, as well as countries in Europe, Africa and beyond.

Bangladesh and China is now ready to enter a new era of extended cooperation.

Sohail Choudhury is the Executive Editor of Blitz

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