Connection between the snake in the Temple Mount and US midterm


Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz

The hotly contested U.S. midterm elections were preceded by strange phenomena at the Temple Mount, including a snake that suddenly appeared out of the stones of the Western Wall.

Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, a mystic rabbi with a strong following in Israel, explained the connection between the snake, the U.S. elections, and the Messiah, who he says is already among us, describing him in great detail.

Ben Artzi wrote about the Biblical root of democratic elections in his weekly Hebrew language lesson.

“God rules over everything but gave us free choice through Adam and Eve,” he said. “They chose freely and sinned because they didn’t listen to what God told them and by doing so, they brought death into the world.”

This free choice from Eden is expressed today in daily life as well as politics.

“Until this day we choose, and we also vote, and God intervenes from beginning to end in our choices, in every aspect, without us realizing it, Rabbi Ben Artzi explained. “He intervenes in our elections, great and small, Jews and non-Jews alike. He intervenes in all elections, local, municipal, and national, in such a manner that people don’t even realize. The heart of the king, the heart of every politician is in God’s hands.”

Voting is an aspect of serving God, the rabbi explained.

“We are commanded to vote in a straight and good manner,” Ben Artzi related. “If we are crooked in our voting, we will suffer. If we vote for the straight and the good, the pure and holy, we will profit from our voting. We will be blessed by choosing to be blessed,” the rabbi explained simply.

Ben Artzi maintained that voting, choosing between Good and Evil, is even more important today since the Messiah is imminent. It is not merely a political decision affecting the economy or social programs. Politics today, especially as it relates to relations between other countries and Israel, are paving the way for the Messiah to be revealed. As a result, God is sending many signs as reminders of the significance of our choices.

“Everything that is happening in the world now is a sign of the coming Messiah, preparing the way for him to be revealed,” Ben Artzi said, referring to several unusual occurrences that drew international attention to the Temple Mount. In July, a large stone fell from the Kotel (Western Wall), which the rabbi insisted was “far from random.” On the last day of the holiday of Sukkot, precisely at sunrise, a mist suddenly billowed up from the ground on the Temple Mount and surrounded the Dome of the Rock. Sinkholes recently appeared near the Sha’ar HaRachamim (Gate of Mercy or Golden Gate).

The rabbi emphasized that the strange appearance of a snake crawling out from the rocks of the Western Wall was clearly significant.

“The snake didn’t simply crawl across the floor or hide in some corner,” Rabbi Ben Artzi said. “They discovered him in the middle of the wall, crawling out of the stones, there for everyone to see.”

Ben Artzi, interpreted the appearance of the snake as a divine reminder for the elections.

“The snake was a sign, sent by God,” Rabbi Ben Artzi argued. “The archetypal Biblical snake caused problems for Adam and Eve, tricking them into choosing incorrectly. With the snake at the Kotel, God was saying, ‘Choose well; be pure and holy, stand with God and Messiah.”

Ben Artzi explained that this choice between Good and Evil was graphically illustrated in the serpentine appearance at the Western Wall.

Nachash (snake) is gematria (Hebrew numerology) 358, equal to Moshiach (Messiah). We have the choice of which we want: Messiah or the snake.”

The rabbi explained that there are two ways for the Messiah to come. By remaining faithful to God, Israel has merited a Messianic process that comes in loving-kindness. This is a process that is gradual, subtle, and gentle.

“The Messiah is among us now. He is a regular man living a regular life. He has a wife and children. There are no special signs or public relations. In simplicity and modesty, he works for Israel 24-hours a day. It is his simplicity which is confusing to so many. The Messiah breathes like everyone, dresses like everyone.”

“If God wanted to, he could bring down an angel, destroying any person who did not believe. But God does not want to bring fear into the world.”

The rabbi also related to the attack in a Pittsburgh synagogue in which 11 Jews were killed during Sabbath prayers.

“God wants all the Jews to return to Israel,” Rabbi Ben Artzi said. “This was the most horrible form of anti-Semitism; murdering Jews in cold blood while they prayed. Sadly, this will only get worse. The only place remaining where Jews have divine protection is in Israel where the Shechina (holy presence) dwells. Jews in the exile are relying on the mercy of the nations. This leaves them open to their hatred and evil as well.”

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