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Elon Musk sees massive red wave during November midterm

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Elon Musk sees massive red wave during November midterm

Elon Musk sees a “massive red wave” coming for the Democrats in November, and for the first time in his life, he voted for Mayra Flores, a Republican Party’s candidate. Flores did the unthinkable as she became the first Republican in a century and a half to win an election for the House of Representatives (US Congress) in South Texas, and she has one very famous voter [Elon Musk] who cast his ballot for her. Following the historic victory of Mayra Flores, Tesla CEO Elon Musk celebrated her victory, where he forecasted that a “massive red wave” was coming during the midterm elections in November. Meaning, just in five months, things would be upside-down for the Democrats and Joe Biden.

Replying to Elon Musk’s tweet, where he congratulated Mayra Flores, the newly elected congresswoman said: “Welcome to the Republican Party! We welcome all walk aways from all walks of life. The party of opportunity, prosperity, and freedom is here to stay. We look forward to working together and building a better future for all of America”.


“Elon, is this the first time that has happened with you where you’re receiving massive amounts of hate by the top Democrat leaders (Biden, Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Warren, etc)? Cause when Obama was running the office he used to support the work Tesla & SpaceX were doing”, a twitter user said to the CEO to which he replied “Yes”.

Another questioned if Musk would vote for a Republican president in 2024 to which he responded “TBD” (to be determined).


It may be mentioned here that, the world’s richest man has indicated who he would support Ron DeSantis for president in 2024.

“The billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX revealed his preferred candidate for the White House in 2024 on Wednesday when asked whom he was ‘leaning towards’ by a Silicon Valley Tesla owners club on Twitter”, The Washington Examiner reported.


“DeSantis”, Musk responded after noting that it was yet to be determined if he would cast a ballot for a GOP candidate in 2024.

“First and foremost I thank God for the blessing of the opportunity to serve the people of Texas’ 34th Congressional District”, Flores told Fox News Digital in a statement. “I am also grateful to my family for their unwavering love and support throughout this campaign, and to the voters of South Texas for entrusting me to represent them in Washington. I look forward to standing strong for our conservative values of faith, family, and freedom and to earning the opportunity to serve our community further in the months to come”, the new Congresswoman said.


According to Fox News report:

Flores, who had 51 percent of the vote to Democratic candidate Dan Sanchez’ 43 percent when The Associated Press called the race, will become the first Mexican-born congresswoman to serve in the House. Her family moved to the United States when she was 6 years old.

Flores will finish out the remainder of Vela’s term, which expires in January, and Republicans were eager to win the seat and gain new ground in the Lone Star state to represent the district that spans east of San Antonio with parts along the coast to Brownsville. As currently drawn, the 34th Congressional District will essentially be dissolved later this year after a newly redrawn map favoring current 15th Congressional District Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, the Democratic nominee for November’s general election to represent the 34th District, was constructed…


Ahead of the election, the two front-runners in the race for a short term on Capitol Hill were Sanchez, a former Cameron County commissioner, a Democrat, and health care worker Flores, a Republican who outspent Sanchez and gained steam in the race for the seat that has been vacant for more than two months.

Sanchez, a pro-life Democrat who ran in the election, was largely outspent by Flores and did not receive much support on a national level. Earlier this month, it was revealed that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), despite its overwhelming support for abortion, forked out thousands of dollars in an ad partnership with Sanchez.


“I woke up this morning still feeling surreal from everything that’s happened over the last 24 hours. Earning Elon Musk’s vote was just the icing on the cake and I can’t wait to work with his team! The American Dream is worth fighting for”, Flores said on Twitter in a tweet where she tagged Musk.

Really a red wave in November?

A large number of Democratic Party’s policymakers are unwilling to accept the forecast of Elon Musk where he predicted a “red wave” in November’s midterm elections. Instead, Democrats said, it is “too early to predict anything” as things “may turn in favor of the Democrats” once “Joe Biden succeeds in tackling the ongoing crisis” and “proves himself as a successful president”. Democrats also are eagerly waiting for Donald Trump ending up in prison on “allegations of his involvement” behind the January 6 Capitol riot “much before the midterms”.

But some liberal Democrats believe, predictions of Elon Musk is not “blank” or “without substance” as the country is greatly suffering because of Joe Biden’s failed policies. They even express worries about the possible impeachment of Joe Biden following this November’s midterm elections.

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