Following Boris Johnson, Joe Biden should also resign


Boris Johnson is on exit path as Sir Keir Starmer says that Johnson was “always unfit for office”. One of Johnson’s biggest failures was “shutting down” the virus. Prior to his announcement of leaving 1- Downing Street, Boris Johnson has made frantic bids of saving his career, lately by selfying with the Clown of Kiev – Volodymyr Zelensky. Johnson rushed to Ukraine for a publicity stunt hoping it would salvage his from the career disaster. But his hope finally had fallen flat. Britons don’t really pay a damn to what their leader would do for Ukraine, when there are series of crises in the United Kingdom that is causing acute sufferings to the people. Inflation, skyrocketing rise in price of essentials, unemployment, influx of illegal immigrants and activities of terrorists and terror-funder in Britain is cause immense sufferings to the people.

Boris Johnson also has miserably failed in handling challenges posed by the pandemic. Although he had openly declared that the virus will disappear once the vaccine is “invented”, now after almost two years of millions of people being vaccinated, it seems, there is no such result, while the vaccine can only be termed as “placebo effect” case.

Similarly, with Boris Johnson, another leader should follow the same path of resignation, unless he is impeached. He is, Joe Biden, the mightiest president on this earth. The US president celebrated another grim milestone recently as his approval rating continues to flounder, despite pledging to “shut down the virus” during the 2020 campaign, Biden has now presided over the deaths of more than 600,000 Americans from COVID-19. Which is more than twice the number of US soldiers who perished in combat during World War II.

The virus Joe Biden promised to shut down has killed approximately 1,008,712 Americans, according to Johns Hopkins University, which means he is responsible for almost 200,000 (or 50 percent) more COVID deaths than his predecessor, Donald Trump.

By his own logic, Biden should have resigned a long time ago as the approximately 600,261 Americans killed on Biden’s watch is three times the number of COVID deaths he said should disqualify a president from serving in the White House.

During an October 2020 debate against Trump, he argued that any leader who presided over more than 200,000 COVID deaths “should not remain as president of the United States”.

Days later, Biden delivered an emphatic message to the American people via his Twitter account. “I’m not going to shut down the economy”, he wrote on the popular social networking website. “I’m going to shut down the virus”.

Joe Biden did not “shut down” the virus. Instead, he has committed series of blunders that has already pushed Americans into acute socio-economic sufferings. America’s economy is in gravest crisis, while there is specific fear of a “cruel food hunger” in the country soon.

Boris Johnson, a disaster

Boris Johnson has been a disaster for Britain. He was always unsuitable. He had the wrong temperament, the wrong relationship with the truth, an excess of self-interest, a complete disregard for other people and an inability to build consensus. It was clear from the start that his time in power would end quickly and in catastrophe. And now has is responsible for the messiest and most damaging departure from office by a British Prime Minister.

Johnson has stretched Britain’s constitutional arrangements to their very limit, going far beyond all previous prime ministers in his determination to cling to power. Like Joe Biden, he refused to recognize that the end had come. When Michael Gove told Johnson that the game was up, the PM responded by sacking him.

By his overbearing vanity and bull-headed intransigence, Johnson has set a dangerous precedent. He ignored all prime ministerial convention on the transfer of power, and sought to justify his belligerence with reference to “his” mandate of 14 million votes, achieved at the last General Election. This “mandate” was raised several times in his resignation speech outside No10.

But this is politically illiterate, dangerous nonsense. Unlike the US, the British electorate does not vote directly for its leader. They do not have a US-style presidential system. The only people who voted for Johnson are the 25,351 constituents in Uxbridge who elected him as their MP. That was the scope of his mandate. It went no further than that.

It should not be surprising that Johnson has corrupted Britain’s constitutional norms and bent them out of shape with his willingness to do and say anything to retain power. He has failed to tell the truth so regularly that new revelations pass almost without comment.

In his resignation speech to the Commons, Sajid Javid recognized the corrosive effect that Johnson has had on public life and he expressed alarm about the long-term consequences. “I am deeply concerned about how the next generation will see the Conservative Party on our current course”, Javid told the house. “Our reputation after 12 years in government depends on regaining the public’s trust”.

Boris Johnson negotiated a Brexit deal so flawed he has since tried to re-write it. His reputation for being a “vote-winner” has been crushed by his inability even to win the votes of his own MPs. Politically, he has been a complete failure.

In his resignation speech Johnson attempted to spin that record. He waved his electoral “mandate” in the air and mentioned the “fastest vaccine rollout in Europe” as evidence of his personal success, even though that rollout was entirely overseen by Kate Bingham. He also claimed that, under him, Britain was “leading the west in standing up to Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine” a claim that will raise eyebrows in Washington.

Defending Johnson, his supporters said: “This was the valediction of a valiant fighter: a born leader such as we rarely see in this or any country. That he has been brought down prematurely is a tragedy worthy of Aeschylus or Sophocles, even if there are comic elements too in his story to which only a Phoebe Waller-Bridge could do justice. This is a big man who should have gone on a big issue, not over the trivia of office parties and drunken debauchery. As he ruefully reminded us, there are many who voted Conservative for the first time in 2019 who will be disappointed. He must take his share of the blame for that, but he himself is also a prime example of the “boundless British originality” he celebrated. These are dark days at home and abroad, but Boris is a voice of hope even in adversity: “Our future together is golden”, he concluded. His outsize personality will be missed on a political stage that suddenly seems much emptier.

After the Labour landslide of 1945, when Winston Churchill was cast down by the scale of his defeat, his wife Clemmie tried to cheer him up, remarking that it might be “a blessing in disguise”. Indignant at the ingratitude of a nation he had just led to victory, the great man replied: “At the moment it seems quite effectively disguised”.

Churchill at least had the consolation of going to the country. Boris Johnson’s premiership has ended, not with defeat at the ballot box, but with a putsch by his own party. The Prime Minister has been hustled out of office by ministers who owe everything to him. It is a spectacle such as we have not seen since the fall of Margaret Thatcher — another charismatic leader who broke the mold of British politics and was ultimately punished for threatening to “go on and on”.

Boris Johnson’s time in No 10 has, of course, been much briefer than either Churchill or Thatcher, both of whom defined their respective eras. Yet in the short but memorable period that he has been Prime Minister, Boris has changed Britain more than many of his longer-serving predecessors. Perhaps his most signal achievement was to save the country from a Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn, a man whose odious convictions were disguised by the likes of Keir Starmer and only exposed by Boris. His leadership during the pandemic was always contested but he got the big calls right, above all in the vaccine rollout and the early lifting of restrictions. Not only did he get Brexit done, in the teeth of a concerted attempt by the Establishment to reverse the result of the 2016 EU referendum, but he has charted a course for the future of “Global Britain” which his successor is unlikely to alter significantly”.

One crucial point is missing here. While the supporters and opponents of Boris Johnson are taking about the virus, economy and Ukraine war, no one is uttering a word about the massive influx in illegal immigrants and Britain gradually becoming a save haven to terrorists, jihadists and terror-funders. Johnson did nothing in enforcing legal actions against individuals, such as Shahid Uddin Khan, for example, who is on Interpol’s Red Warrant List and is a proven terror-funder and money-launderer.

Who is Interpol-wanted Shahid Uddin Khan?

Since 2009, Shahid Uddin Khan’s family has been living in the United Kingdom. Shahid Uddin Khan (Army No: BA002428, Course: 8-BMA, Commission Date: 10-06-1983) and his wife and daughters entered Britain with millions of dirty cash.

According to credible sources, in 2009, Shahid Uddin Khan invested millions of pounds in the United Kingdom in exchange for obtaining immigrant status under Visa Tier 1, vide VAF No. 511702. The family had laundered an unknown amount of money and brought that into the United Kingdom via the United Arab Emirates and a few more countries, while Shahid Uddin Khan had invested over 18 million pounds for buying citizenship under Britain’s scandalous ‘Golden Visa’ scheme.

According to immigration records, Shahid Uddin Khan and his family members regularly visit the United Arab Emirates. British intelligence agencies never wanted to know the reason behind this family’s visit to the UAE.

Media reports suggested, four months before the Sri Lanka attacks, ISIS funder Shahid Uddin Khan had sent an amount equivalent to ninety-two thousand dollars. This amount went from Dubai to Colombo. In other words, Khans funded the Sri Lanka jihadists – on behalf of ISIS.

Back in 2019, prestigious British newspaper The Sunday Times published an investigative report on illegal activities of Shahid Uddin Khan.

According to a report published in The Business Standard, Indian intelligence agencies were probing a deep-rooted nexus involving underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and a London-based former Colonel of the Bangladesh army. The agencies suspect that the Bangladeshi army officer, allegedly involved in gun running, has links with Dawood Ibrahim’s underworld activities operating from India’s eastern borders.

As the Boris Johnson era has ended, it is expected that the British authorities will now take immediate measures in deporting Shahid Uddin Khan and his criminal family from the United Kingdom and end the rogue culture of harboring terrorists, jihadists and terror-funders.

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Tajul Islam
Tajul Islam
Tajul Islam is a Special Correspondent of Blitz.

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