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Green UK rushes for coal-power plants

UK, Germany, Russian gas


Green UK rushes for coal-power plants

In the middle of a cold snap, the green UK is turning to coal, the dirtiest form of energy, thus following in the footsteps of green-pushing Germany, which also turned to coal last summer in order to offset its gas crisis from a Russian gas restriction. Willful blindness doesn’t begin to describe the fakery of the green agenda as it is pushed upon those whom the elites deem to be inferior. The World Economic Forum is a major pusher of the green agenda. Some 2500 leaders from around the globe convened at Davos this year; 10% flew in on their gas-guzzling, polluting private jets, contradicting their own message, and they weren’t eating bugs for meals in Davos in order to save the planet. Norway is the UK’s main supplier of crude oil, but Russia is the primary supplier to Norway, so it’s a ripple effect.

The reality beyond green fantasies is that Russia is the biggest global exporter of oil and the second-largest exporter of crude oil after Saudi Arabia. So where does that leave Western leaders who back the green agenda?

The world’s biggest polluter is China. Even if you add up the five world’s biggest polluters after China, they still create less pollution than China in total. China produces nearly double the pollution that America does, and China won’t be told what to do by European and American climate change frauds anytime soon, or ever.

Globalists are unable to provide enough energy for their own citizens as they continue to propagate their lies about rescuing the planet. All that happens is that Western countries find themselves increasingly energy dependent as they destroy their own farming and energy industries. This makes them subservient to foreign enemies.

Germany finally had to admit it, saying “We were all wrong” in allowing the country to become dependent upon Russian energy; still, climate change frauds continue their crusade of deception as they line their pockets. Recall that German representatives at the UN laughed at Donald Trump in September 2018 for his accurate warning to the country about its dependency on Russian oil and about how dependence on foreign entities as a whole can lead to “extortion and intimidation”.

As the West declines due to the shortsightedness and greed of its globalist leaders, propped up by the naïveté of their followers, it isn’t those leaders who will suffer the most in the long run. Western populations need to wake up to the money-making scam of the elitist green agenda before it’s too late.

Christine Douglass-Williams is Associate Editor of Frontpage, regular writer for Jihad Watch, a nine-time award-winning journalist, past Canadian government appointee; author of "The Challenge of Modernizing Islam" and "Fired by the Canadian Government for Critizing Islam".

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