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Hefazat works for ISI in circulating counterfeit Indian currency

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Hefazat works for ISI in circulating counterfeit Indian currency

For decades, Pakistani spy agency Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) has been printing and circulating billions of counterfeit Indian currency notes. Organized rackets controlled by ISI as well as notorious terror don Dawood Ibrahim, are injecting counterfeit Indian currency notes inside India through land borders.

According to news reports, although India demonetized high currency notes in 2016, Pakistani ISI started producing, smuggling and circulating better quality counterfeit Indian currency notes to finance anti-India and militancy activities. Income generated from the circulation of counterfeit Indian currency notes, ISI has been funding Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammed and other militancy outfits in Jammu and Kashmir, while it also funds militancy groups in West Bengal, Kerala and other states in India. But, ISI’s funding radical Islamic and militancy groups got expanded when it also selected Hefazat-e-Islam as one of its key allies, while a number of Hefazat leaders, including Mamunul Haque and his brothers were assigned with the task of dealing in counterfeit Indian currency notes and smuggle the same through northeastern states as well as West Bengal in India. Hefazat leaders were also maintaining contacts with Hizbul Mujahidin as well as few more groups and individuals in West Bengal, while it also is alleged that some Muslim leaders of Trinamool Congress are also involved with Hefazat-e-Islam in dealing into counterfeit Indian currency notes.

According to Indian intelligence sources, large consignments of counterfeit currency from Pakistan is making its way into India using pre-2016 system and infrastructure of gangs, their syndicate, channels, and routes, while Hefazat-e-Islam and few other groups were ISI’s latest newer inclusions.

In May 2019, an associate of Dawood Ibrahim’s D Company, Younus Ansari, was arrested with three Pakistani nationals at Kathmandu Airport with a huge consignment of Indian currency totaling Indian Rs 76.7 million.


The temerity of the couriers was obvious from the fact that the stash was not even concealed, as in the past, but was loosely dumped into checked-in baggage. The consignor was notorious Pakistan-based FICN smuggler Razzak Marfani.

Interestingly, the same Younus was arrested a few years ago in Nepal for conspiring to implement a hit-job on an Indian diplomat in Kathmandu.


On September 22, police in Indian Punjab seized FICN worth Rs.1 million from Sikh radical elements belonging to the Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF), which had also received five AK 47 Rifles, 30 bore pistols, nine hand grenades, five satellite phones, two mobile phones and two wireless sets, sent across the international border with Pakistan, through Drones.

Again, on September 25, police in Dhaka seized FICN worth Indian Rs. 4.95 million.

Sources reveal that ISI had set up a large network of agents from Kathmandu to Birganj and all along the border, to push consignments of counterfeit Indian currency notes from Nepal into India.


ISI transported fake notes through the state-owned Pakistan International Airlines, or through the diplomatic bag to its Missions in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, and Doha”, sources revealed.

Suspiciously large transaction in Mamunul Haque’s bank account

According to Bangladeshi intelligence sources, they already have found BDT 60 million transaction in one of the many bank accounts of Mamunul Haque, while the investigating agencies are yet to find the details on bank accounts of Mamunul’s brothers and other key leaders of Hefazat-e-Islam, including Junaid Babunagari.

The source said, such huge transaction in Mamunul’s bank account clearly proves – he was involved in some suspicious activities. Such huge transaction could be because of his involvement in counterfeit Indian currency note, while the investigators are also trying to identify the amounts Mamunul and other Hefazat leaders have received from ISI, Qatar, Dubai and other dubious donors.

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