Hiding the crime committed by the Africans

Clearly when indigenous black Africans are subject to genocide, murders, rapes and xenophobia provided such atrocities are committed by those of a similar ethnic group, neither the ruling governments nor the global media are concerned enough to warrant reporting.

The British Royal Family have come in for some negative publicity recently especially surrounding Meghan’s relationship with her father and Prince Andrew’s relationship with the pedophiles Jeffrey Epstein and the stories emanating after Epstein’s death.

The visit of Prince Harry, his wife Meghan and son Arthur to South Africa may divert attention from such publicity and expose the Royals in a more favorable light. It is not the UK Royal Family however but South Africa itself that warrants closer scrutiny and the Royal trip though designed as much to divert attention away from the current their internal publicity could well expose South Africa to media attention they are endeavoring to hide.

The end of the white supremacist, apartheid era in 1994 was greeted with global celebrations and certainly without any backlash perpetrated by those white South Africans who were once the power within the country. Nelson Mandela and his supporters were generous in their victory as the country united politically and nationally, enhanced by the South African multi-racial Rugby team winning the World Cup in 2007. South Africa had reformed and achieved what seemed impossible objectives to overcome just two decades before.

Global media had saturated the country in reporting on years of white, colonial rule and were now dwelling in self-righteousness and justification for such continued, over-reporting culminating in the end of the apartheid era.

The genocides happening simultaneously in Rwanda, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo were unsurprisingly left unreported by the global media but what were 13.7 million Black African deaths and the related after effects compared to a black South African not being permitted to sit next to a White South African on public transport.

Apartheid is no longer an issue in South Africa and therefore the country receives little media attention other than in exceptional circumstances. Given the brutality endemic within South African society, post-apartheid this is sinister and just confirms the prejudices and gross incompetency of global media channels. South African crime statistics are truly horrific.

Statistically, one woman is murdered in South Africa every three hours. Domestic violence, gender inequality, slavery, tribalism and male dominance are just some of the reasons associated with this phenomenon. The silence from those individuals, political groups, women’s rights organizations, and the United Nations is deafening. Their silence is cowardly and scandalous and outrage is expressed only by the families and a number of brave individuals within South Africa. One of Africa’s most corrupt Governments since the apartheid era ended make profess awareness but do nothing. Black South African women received more attention, exposure and sympathy from domestic and external governments when segregation of the races was an issue but when rape and murder and slavery are issues, they are ignored.

The general murder rate in South Africa is startling, running currently at fifty-eight (58) each day. The number of attempted murders is statistically only slightly lower and rapes are one hundred and fourteen (114) each day. These are crimes that are recorded but it is estimated that if unrecorded murders and rapes were to be included the crime statistics could reasonably be calculated to be double those that are recorded.

It seems that those murders committed by white people during apartheid which statistically accounted for less than one percent of murders committed daily post-apartheid received global media attention. Genocides on indigenous black Africans during apartheid and murders and rapes of that same ethnic group post-apartheid are unworthy of reporting. By any account the crime statistics within this broken society are staggering and replicate countries involved in war situations. Why the silence?

Another chilling phenomenon of post-apartheid South Africa is that, paradoxically, apartheid, racism, tribalism and xenophobia are thriving within the indigenous culture of black South African society. There has always been tribalism between the Xhosa and Zulus which has never been the subject of any media attention but more recently Nigerians in South Africa have been at the receiving end of black South African xenophobia. Unsurprisingly the world’s media have given this subject little attention. One wonders how many reporters the BBC and CNN would have sent had the perpetrators of this anti Nigerian barbarity been white South African farmers … or Zionists?

Clearly when indigenous black Africans are subject to genocide, murders, rapes and xenophobia provided such atrocities are committed by those of a similar ethnic group, neither the ruling governments nor the global media are concerned enough to warrant reporting. However, if the perpetrators of the crimes were white Anglo Saxons or as noted in the absurdity of the perpetrators being Israelis, Jews or Zionists one would imagine that the global media would provide saturation coverage. How unfortunate for the indigenous black African victims.

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