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Hindu hater Islamist enjoys luxury and comfort in the West

Rabindra Nath Tagore, Adolf Hitler, Canada, Britain, United States, European, Royal Asiatic Society


Hindu hater Islamist enjoys luxury and comfort in the West

An Islamist Hindu-hater professor who teaches in various universities in the West compares Hindus and members of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) with Adolf Hitler has been openly demonizing India and even defaming India’s national anthem. And unfortunately, he received patronization and even funding from numerous organizations in the United States, Canada, Britain and other European nations.

Taj Hashmi alias Taj ul-Islam Hashmi, a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and an editorial board member of the journal, Contemporary South Asia since 1996, has been a regular columnist with Dhaka’s leading English newspaper The Daily Star. He has also been a harsh critic of Hindus, India and Rabindra Nath Tagore.

In one of his writings titled ‘The Tagore Mania: Identity Crisis and Anti-Bangladesh Syndrome’ which was published on May 11, 2006 by the Simon Fraser University, Canada, Hashmi wrote: “I simply pity these people along with those who regard Rabindranath Tagore as the best poet, lyricist, short-story writer, novelist, essayist, Nobel Laureate, Zamindar, master, human being and what not! Those among these fanatically blind Rabindra-Bhaktas, who do not believe in God, consider him as one and all his writings as the substitute for the Bible, Quran and the Vedas. They are no better than the most fanatic mullahs, Hindu revivalists and the Neo-Cons in and around Washington D.C. All of them are dangerous to human dignity, peace and civilization. Their role vis-à-vis a sovereign Bangladesh, which has NO reason to be merged with West Bengal or India to become their slave (again?), is simply vicious, heinous and all Bangladeshis should be aware of it”.

Criticizing Indian national anthem, Taj Hashmi wrote: “While some historians think he wrote this song in praise of King-Emperor George V out of gratitude as he declared the annulment of the Partition in 1911 at the Delhi Durbar, others allude it to Tagore’s love for the Indian “Jana Gana” as the “Bharata Bhagya Bidhata”. Although I am very skeptical about the second assertion, yet I am not being judgemental as I do not have any evidence to substantiate either of the assertions. However, it is most likely that he wrote the song eulogizing George V as the “Bharata Bhagya Bidhata” (determinant of the fate of the Indians)”.


He compared Hindus and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) with Adolf Hitler stating: “Now, those who think Tagore was not an anti-Muslim communal person by citing examples from his short stories and fictions where he portrayed some Muslims as noble characters should re-read the following Tagore poems: Nava Barsha, Shivaji Utshab, Ma Bhoi and Brahman. What type of “non-communal” Maha Rishi (Great Saint) could glorify Hindu and Brahmin supremacy and the inhuman and barbaric Sati (Suttee) or burning of Hindu widows alive on their husband’s funeral pyre? His Shivaji Utshab was horridly a glorification of Hindutva as this poem not only eulogized Shivaji the Maratha nationalist against Mughal paramountcy (I have no problem with that) but it also contemplates the vision of “one religion in one country”. Was it very dissimilar from Hitler’s one race in one country or the fascist Shiv Sena’s and RSS’s advocacy for unadulterated Hindu supremacy in India?

“He [Tagore] was not that different so far as anti-Muslim public assertions are concerned from Bankim and Sarat Chatterjee. While Bankim considered Indian Muslims “unclean skin head foreigners” (mlechha javana nerey), Sarat Chatterjee publicly demanded the expulsion of Indian Muslims for the sake of a better India (in 1926 at a public meeting organized by the Hindu Mahasabha – see Joya Chatterjee’s Hindu Communalism and the Partition of Bengal), Tagore was sometimes more subtle in venting out his anti-Muslim sentiment”.


It may be mentioned here that, for the past several years, Taj Hashmi joined the anti-Bangladesh propaganda cartel that runs vile propaganda against Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, India, Hindus and the secularist forces. Other members of this propaganda cartel are: INTERPOL wanted convicted terror-funder (also accomplice of Dawood Ibrahim) Shahid Uddin Khan, Zulkarnain Saer Khan Sami alias Tanvir Md. Sadat, Abdur Rab Bhuttow, Tito Rahman (blackmailer and extortionist), Nazmus Saquib (blackmailer and extortionist), Ilias Hossain, Kanak Sarwar, Major (sacked) Delwar Hossain, Captain (sacked) Shahidul Islam, Pinaki Bhattacharya, Bony Amin, Hasina Akhter and others.

Hindu rights groups as well as Hindu organizations in the West should raise voice against this notorious man and make sure he does not get any platform anywhere in the world.

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  1. Nurul Islam Mukul

    June 19, 2022 at 05:41

    Thank you, Blitz, for exposing such anti-Hindu, anti-Bangladesh so-called intellectual Taj Hashmi. They are disgrace for society.

  2. GHJ

    June 19, 2022 at 05:59

    Not all of them are bad idiot.

  3. Joey

    June 19, 2022 at 11:34

    Stop your fucken propaganda you dirty piggg!!!

  4. Jimmy

    June 20, 2022 at 01:06

    Hindoos have no shame calling a Muslim a hater after what they have done to Muslims since that Modi took office. It is EXCATLY the same way white supremacists came out with their ugly ideology and hatred after Trump took office .. Hindoos = white supremacists, Trump = Modi.

  5. Vivek Trikha

    June 20, 2022 at 09:02

    @jimmy I think you need a class in history , Sociology and how to spell “Hindu “. Please go back to school to unlearn what you have learnt and learn what you have haven’t ! Facts are opposite to what you know besides politics there is history of Islam and its religious ethos

  6. V Chandrasekar

    June 20, 2022 at 11:56

    Can you explain what Modi has done to Muslims (I can cite few like removal of Triple Talaq, Better and modern education for Muslims and safer borders for the country means Muslims also would be safer). On the contrary, for a remark on TV a Hindu lady is being threatened for Murder/ Rape, OIC and the ARABs demand apology from GOI while Hindus have shown extraordinary tolerance and calmness towards the traditional insults & mockery of Hindu religion/ community & GODS every day by various fanatics of other religions. This so called “Leftist West” propaganda against Modi is devoid of any substance.

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