Hundreds of American citizen left into Taliban slaughterhouse in Afghanistan

After August 30 evacuation of American soldiers, Joe Biden and his administration told American people, they have successfully “evacuated” every American national from Afghanistan. People believed this statement, without knowing, they were bluffed and fooled. After the ISIS-K suicide bomb attack in Kabul airport, which had killed 14 American soldiers, Biden administration on the following day claimed they have targeted an ISIS-K through drone attack. Americans believed this, again without knowing, it was another blatant lie of President Joe Biden and his administration. And now, here is the most horrifying news about hundreds of American citizen and green card holders, who were not evacuated by the Biden administration. Instead, now they have become trapped, if not hostage into the notorious grips of Taliban jihadists.

According to the Associated Press: Hundreds of American citizens and people with green cards were left in Afghanistan after US forces withdrew from the country.

US citizens and lawful permanent residents who were left in Afghanistan were reportedly told after the last American flight took off from the Kabul international airport to expect information about routes out of the country, Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said, according to the AP.

“We will communicate directly to them personalized instructions on what they should do, when they should do it, and how the United States government feels we are best positioned to help them do that”, State Department spokesman Ned Price said, the AP reported.

Around 100 to 200 people were left in Afghanistan, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said, according to the AP. He said any American who wants to leave the country will be evacuated. But Blinken did not say how they are now going to rescue those hundreds of American citizen and green card holders, who are now left into the notorious hands of the Taliban butchers.

According to AP reports, US green card holder Javed Habibi said the US government promised him, his wife and their four daughters that they would be evacuated from Afghanistan and able to return home to Richmond, Virginia.

Habibi said the federal government told the family to stay put and that they would be able to leave the country, but they’re still stuck in Afghanistan.

“They lied to us”, Habibi told the AP. He has lived and worked as an electrician in the US on a special immigrant visa since 2015 and was scheduled to return from Afghanistan on August 31 following a family visit.

The family was told to go to Kabul international airport but there were so many people there they were not able to get to the gate, the AP reported.

Habibi attempted to get through the gate twice and was stopped by a crush of people, in one attempt his passport was scanned and he was denied entry.

US Embassy representatives later advised the family to remain where they were via several phone calls beginning August 25 and once said they would pick them up at a location near the airport but the officials never showed and the family was left waiting on a curb, the AP reported.

Habibi said the family has not yet been targeted by the Taliban, but they are afraid of potential repercussions.

“We are going to get you out. You are not going to get stuck. Don’t worry. We know where you are”, one embassy representative reportedly told the family, according to the AP.

But, other American citizen and green card holders, who currently are trapped in Afghanistan are not fortunate as Javed Habibi and his family members. Many of them are already being hunted by the Taliban and even some of them are already receiving threats of dire consequence for “collaborating with the Americans”.

Clearly, Joe Biden and his administration have left those hundreds of American citizen and green card holders in Taliban slaughterhouse.

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